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  1. I've been using the classic an carbon an haven't had that. Give them a call an I'm about 99.9999% positive they'll treat ya good. There great people could it have been just dirt in the inside seal? We all clean the best we can but ya never know!! It is weird it was the ultra though
  2. ??? I didn't have the route you had but I'm glad to be back to. I just want to comment on everything it seems like lmao
  3. I mean..... what?!?!?!?!!!! I've been out with work for a while but what is this about?!?!?! Amazing to say the least!!! Great job!!!
  4. Corvette, 20% front two, 5% quarter's and back window an 50 on windshield, SolarFX!!! First picture i started to heat it then realized I didn't get a picture yet
  5. Wow, that's some great math there!!! I don't even understand it honestly, but if it works for you that's all that matters!! Hahaha
  6. Don't bother using the "cheap stuff" to learn on. Buy the "good" stuff, or whatever you are wanting to use and learn on it. All film will act differently in every situation. To me it's like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels an the next day buying a Harley. Your best bet it to learn with what your going to use, that way you know the film an what to expect!!!
  7. Hey everyone!!! Lord has it been months since I've been able to get on here, been so busy with work it wasn't even funny. Anyways, I've got a person interested in getting a house boat tinted still that has been waiting for a long time now to get it done, I checked it out again today an it has the classic purple bubbles tint. I've tinted boats but never stripped one, especially with years old tint, is it safe to use a razor? Or should I get some stripper or something? Thanks a head of time!! Glad to be back on here!!! Edit: it actually it's a "house boat" it's more of a pontoon that's enclosed for the most part
  8. Heck I'll have to try the whole bottle sometime to, I try to clean mine out every night but I often forget and don't notice it until I get the blobs haha
  9. The filter behind the fan is an amazing idea, better believe I'm getting one next shopping trip!!!!!!!
  10. I knew someone just said it!! I was trying to look for the thread to see how much you said you put in it, i liked it and I'll probably be doing it that way from now on! Thanks for the idea!!!
  11. Wow!!! I can honestly say I had to google the name to even see what it was. I wish I had a few tips and tricks to tell you but as you see, I've never even heard of the car haha 90% of the vehicles I do are late 90's to mid 00's. And there certainly not on that level by any means hahaha
  12. I'll have to run to walmart and get the 90 in the morning, I've only see as high as 70 at the dollar store. I would think any amount would be better then none but now I know there's 90 I'd rather go with that Also today I tried a little bit of the 50 mixed with the kidgets brand baby soap an it seemed pretty good. When I cleaned my sprayer out tonight it didn't feel gooey like it does just using the soap. I can't remember who mentioned it on here but I can say my first time mixing it was a success. I'd still like to try some tint slime when I remember to order it
  13. We'll shoot, there's my laziness kicking in, I just ran to the dollar store and they only had 50. I figured I'd add a little more of it and shake an scrub, is 90 what you noamaly get?
  14. What do you guys normally use to clean your sprayers out with, I normally just wash them with hot water but lately been using rubbing alcohol and I could only find 50%. I figured it was better then nothing
  15. I used Johnsons for years, tried SolarFX out and I'll never buy anything but it from here on out
  16. Well, you'll need to do a dozen cars at each stop, to pay for your next ticket, hotel room and food. Warranty work would be hard to Cool idea though
  17. Why not just tuck the film? Or drop it in? You'll save so much time and effort without pulling unnecessary things off. And needless to say, you won't break what you don't pull off.... guess I'm just old school though
  18. MaxxedOutTint

    2015 fusion

    I've never removed anything on these cars. Just did one today and it had almost a nest full of dead bees lodged in the back window, I cleaned what I could, there was some legs sticking behind but it turned out way better then I though with all the bee parts and mud this guy had all over the car
  19. LOL, Roger hates computers. He still uses a flip phone. No wonder why it take 20 minutes to place an order ???????????????????????????????? ok not 20 minutes but you know what I mean lmaoooo
  20. Try an off brand baby shampoo and continue the daily bottle rinse.Stay away from Dawn dish soap ... it is the worst that can be used for tint. Why do you think the majority of the industry moved away from Dawn to Palmolive, then Joy and now baby shampoo, film on, tint slime, tint tac, etc. That's the learning curve many have gone through to reach where we see slip solutions today. I walked into a shop years ago in Florida where they were using hand soap with coconut oil. Film's adhesive is only able to have a lasting bond with a neutral or close to neutral pH. Prell shampoo is also a good alternative. Funny you say that, my buddy that trained me, which has been tinting longer then I've been alive commented on me using dawn. (We tint occasionally together to share a beer (or 12) together) and his response to dawn was "Just think, if dawn is strong enough to take oil of a duck From an oil spill, what do you think it does to adhesive on tint?!?!?" Needless to say I'm going to buy some store brand J&J an try a cap of alcohol It just makes sense An aid that don't work, I'll try an invest in some slime