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  1. Nice nice are those Johnson towels expensive ???
  2. I have just sample seems I needed to put a lot to make it slip didn't want to go broke buying slip solution rather buy tint rolls
  3. Nice these are like the kaywos or miracle cloths love those things...called perfect cloth too..
  4. Good to know thanks....junk junk junk makes sense...
  5. Tintstuff on YouTube likes Avery he says when you redo a window the glue stays on the film not sure which line he uses ????
  6. Does anybody use their cordless light to check their rear windows and side windows before installs or do you just have good Lighting in your shop...???
  7. Toilet water and 1 squirt of bud light hahaha.....
  8. Used to use brawny for ever now blue shop towels cheap and Wal-Mart 2 for $5 at auto zone.....
  9. I'm still cleaning and squeegeeing with sprayway it's the best bro!!!!
  10. Little bit of tinting...got out of jail haha haha......some construction on the side with my dad....having fun what's new in here ???
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