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  1. We put up one bounce! Couldnt do the big ones because the neighbors would start coming and that would ruin social distancing.
  2. Nonessential businesses in Vegas are now getting cited and getting their business license suspended. So it's just a matter of time for my town.
  3. Man.. thats a good idea for gifts.
  4. I know that we all have some creative imagination. Lets lighten things up and start posting some pictures of activities while in quarantine. Here is one of our bays that I cleared out to create a Battlefield, the kids loved it. 😁
  5. I went to my shop today and saw that no one is taking this thing serious. A bunch of cars are out and a bunch of businesses are open. I called the health department and they said to stay close.
  6. Also, revoking business licenses is one of the consequences.
  7. Here bro. Same state so we are on the same boat.
  8. All non essential businesses in my area are mandated to shut down. So we are now completely shut down. Some shops are staying open. I wonder what the penalty is if they get caught.
  9. I dont understand the need to shop like crazy. Truck drivers are still driving, deliveries are still being made, that means the shelves will be stocked tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that. I mean if trucks arent delivering then yeah, go nuts.
  10. I guess from everything I have read online, our shop got affected the most. There was a big job that we were suppose to do (6 figures) and it was suppose to be the biggest job we have ever had. It got postponed/canceled because the place shutdown because of the virus. But the shop itself is still slammed so its business as usual.
  11. Stewy


  12. I have a custtomer that wants their windows blacked out. They dont want to see in or out. It also needs to be exterior tint. So i was thinking of just doing a satin black Avery car wrap on it. Is there any other options out there besides exterior tint and the vinyl? The window/door faces north.
  13. This is fake right?
  14. Still gotta put a floating shelf on the bottom. That basket looks ghetto. But im happy with it for now.