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  1. Well there goes that. Both just ran out today.
  2. By now I'm sure everyone knows about these programs if you don't I suggest that you research it or send me a DM and I will try my best to explain it to you. How many of you that have applied for it has been approved and recieved a check? If you did, what was the process of approval and how long? Can you apply for both loans and have the possibility of being approved for both?
  3. We put up one bounce! Couldnt do the big ones because the neighbors would start coming and that would ruin social distancing.
  4. Man.. thats a good idea for gifts.
  5. I know that we all have some creative imagination. Lets lighten things up and start posting some pictures of activities while in quarantine. Here is one of our bays that I cleared out to create a Battlefield, the kids loved it. 😁
  6. Stewy


  7. I have a custtomer that wants their windows blacked out. They dont want to see in or out. It also needs to be exterior tint. So i was thinking of just doing a satin black Avery car wrap on it. Is there any other options out there besides exterior tint and the vinyl? The window/door faces north.
  8. Still gotta put a floating shelf on the bottom. That basket looks ghetto. But im happy with it for now.
  9. Got the displays up for our new shop. Thank you @Midtown Houston for the heat display! Thank you @whitehog for the marketing!
  10. You are not being picky. Go get that shit fixed.
  11. Done. Going to vote 3 more times. 1 at the shop, 1 with other cell phone, 1 more at home.
  12. Which film would you consider to be the Tesla?