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  1. Their superior charcoal and ceramic is reboxed global. Tint depot is the e-commerce site for solar control window films(global distributor)
  2. We use a 4’x6’ glass peel board. But we also now use a plotter I cut all 4 doors and quarters on one sheet. So that size you mentioned wouldn’t cut it. As far as a back glass. Most are gonna be 30” tall or more and same wide. Kinda small either way
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  4. If it’s what I’m seeing that your talking about that looks like welding slag on the glass. Not in the tint. If the car was repaired and the glass not covered when slag hits the glass it will either cause lump. Voids. Or discoloring in the glass and sometimes isn’t noticed until it’s tinted.
  5. From the inside looking out some films are close to optically clear.... but you just said it yourself. “Light blocking films”. That in itself that it won’t be a clear film. Prescription eye glasses are “clear”. They do not block light. Sun glasses are dark tinted lenses they DO block light. It’s aggravating sometimes to comprehend it when the solution seems so simple. But if anything is going to “block light” it either A: rejects/reflects the light with will look like a mirror from the outside or B: absorbs the light keeping it from coming through to your eyes and will look black(or whatever other color) from the outside. I’d tell the HOA either let me install a curtain or blind.... alter the light so it doesn’t bother me.... or I can wait till dark and shoot the light out every time they replace until they get the hint lol
  6. Did one today. 50 min and out the door. Super easy car nothing to watch out for
  7. No matter what you put on it... will alter the appearance of the exterior side of the glass. IF You’re trying to block light. Clear heat rejection films are different. But I’m your case what you ordered is going to alter it for sure
  8. If you can’t alter the clear glass then I’d recommend blinds or curtain. Anything you add film wise to fix the issue is either going to be highly reflective and cause a mirrored look externally or black. And even the black you can’t go dark
  9. How are they steadily climbing? Just curious with only 2 price increases in 6 years... and one was January of this year that raised a 40” roll $16. We use Xpel also but pricing between the 2 films is less than $2 apart on every width roll
  10. We snatch the panels on em. The time it takes to fight with those tight sweeps is time spent removing and reinstalling the panel. And much cleaner job without the headache
  11. That’s what you specialize in right? The question included a link to your website.... what results have YOU been getting?
  12. NR classic charcoal is QDP in express box... Cr ceramic is same deal. QDP ceramic. depending on the posters location express will outright sell them global if they’re in their territory
  13. It is. Understanding they’re for visibility ratings. And most aren’t too bad but we’ve seen some that absolutely suck ass!!! Since we finally went the plotter route it isn’t quite as bad. But I’d just prefer they go back to standard roll ups with no 1/4s.
  14. Hate doing strips also. Not so much since we raised the price of em.
  15. Screw those new RAV4 quarters lol. We add $20 if we have to do quarters. I used to just do them because they were few and far between. But recent increase in them had to tack some on considering a quarter glass can take as long or longer than a roll up to do.
  16. Yes. I’m referring to installing with the scratch coat. Most detail shops are used to cars with window film and take care when cleaning the windows. The Johnson scratch coat isn’t so soft I’d worry about that.
  17. The 35 is a neutral grey tone. Slight blue undertones.
  18. Remodeled and moved into a 60 year old service station as our new larger location February 1st and haven’t looked back! We’ve nearly tripled the last two years numbers in 8 months! 85% of tint jobs are ceramic now. And the lift/level and accessory side doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! This far 2019 has been a phenomenal year.
  19. We used it for about 2 years. Never seen a failure return. Great heat rejection. Color is ok. Very thin for a ceramic and not the best scratch coat for sure. Other than that we sold quite a lot of it.
  20. Mounting it isn’t really the issue after a few days. Pulling even the suction cup off is. If it isn’t unlocked and then picked with your finger to release the suction then just pulling it off can still unlock the Films adhesive. I’ve personally seen it recently