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  1. fusion


  2. Just a FYI to all of you. If any of your customers come back with a crack originating from the bottom near the middle area. Tesla will normally replace the window under warranty. It's a known issue with these cars. Probably from the large window not being able to flex enough.
  3. I would ask if he wanted to chrome delete since the car is already in there and cut him a deal. Might be faster because getting replacement parts from Tesla is a huge pain because their parts are usually back-ordered. Of course you have to offer the service in the first place.
  4. Ask for more even if you are willing to settle for less. Be confident and don't short yourself.
  5. Easier to get I would assume.
  6. How do I go about getting said product? Also I checked the website. Do you guys ever do training in other locations? Any suggestions for California?
  7. I'm starting to venture into PPFs now. I've been using Xpel from 44tools and it's costing me way to much from a starting point. Any pointers to where to get some supplies? Any schools or training in the SF Bay Area that offers classes? I'm probably wasting more material and time than I need to.
  8. fusion


    Anyone doing the windshield need to pay close attention to the electronics. There is actually a circuit board that will fry if you let water drain down there. Make sure you use a microfiber rope.
  9. Tagged for when i'm ready to buy a plotter. I'd like that referral.
  10. There are actually a few vids showing the back window. Does not look too hard. Just take your time and do it! Here's two of the best vids showing shrinking and also a install.
  11. I'm starting to venture into PPF installs. Looks like most people use tack solutions only at the edges?
  12. So Fusion All Type works good with PPF also.. good to know.
  13. Yelp are run by a bunch of blackmail artist.