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  1. First of all, i didnot want you guys to fight. That is not the purpose of this thread and was not from the start. I just asked for websites that sells precut ppf pattern. I dont want you to fight over simple thing as that.
  2. This for my personal use on my car. I am not a professional. I just want to try. Hope you guys understand.
  3. I tried to search this forum about this. But could not find any answers. As the question says. I want to buy a pre-cut ppf kit for my car. With either Xpel ultimate, Suntek ultra or 3M scotchgard pro. I want to tackle this myself this time. Thanks for reading.
  4. So did you get it tinted? I got my car done there with Classic 35 last year.
  5. Not to hijack this thread. But any recommendations for installers in western pa like around Pittsburgh etc..? Thank you.
  6. I got my car tinted yesterday. Went with f1 classic 35.
  7. Does $190 for f1 air 80 sounds good? Only windshield.
  8. Classic or comfort? I don't listen to radio mainly from phone, cd or USB. Also keeping this car for while.
  9. Oh! It was a autocorrect on my phone. I meant to say from Tint World. It is a franchise that has shops all over US.
  10. Classic has a color change warranty too and transferable. 7% in heat rejection is unlikely that noticeable when installed on a car. F1 is the authorized dealer. Suntek is from tint world.Edit: spelling
  11. 2 options 35% F1 Classic $220 OR 35% Suntek Carbon $229 Which one? Edit: Is the difference in tser noticeable? F1 has 35% while suntek has 42% and color change warranty.
  12. Reason? Here is the information from the CS Warranty Card... THE AVAILABILITY OR WARRANTY SERVICE WILL VARY FROM STATE TO STATE OR PROVINCE TO PROVINCE DEPENDING ON THE LAW GOVERNING THE LEGALITY OF AUTOMOBILE WINDOW TINTING. This is staying that the warranty depends on the legality of the window film installed in the state...meaning if it is a illegal installation, then it has no warranty. The second problem with that is the shop having you sign a waiver. A waiver only shows proof you choose illegal window film and the shop installed illegal window film. If the shop is ever sued or government comes after them for installing illegal film, the waiver just sealed their fate since it shows they knowingly broke the law. Any shop with half a brain would not do this. so,if one gets their full windshield done with crystalline at your shop,there is no warranty?- as it is illegal to tint below the as1 mark in georgia Yes, you will have a warranty and we only do clearer shades. We are speaking more about what manufacturers state on their warranty. Also the law in GA allows a 6" strip at the widest point on the windshield...nothing to do with the AS1 line. Depending on the vehicle, the AS1 line can be in different positions. Where are you located DynamicAppearance?
  13. Here is a funny/unbelievable thing. So I call another shop for quote. It was $219. When asked about brands he said suntek, Johnson,llumar and 3m. Further more 3m question I asked which series of 3m fx pm or cs. He said Color stable. Any opinions