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  1. Hey Sarkar,Nice choices there... Are you referring to Ultra Tint Window Tinting SouthPort? ? What a great team they have there. I think you have made a great choice with film also. The crystalline has slightly better performance, but Fusion seems to be a more popular choice for folks that are seeking a value for money option. Should get many years of comfort with the Fusion ceramic film. Well done sir.. Yes that's the one. I researched a fair bit and found some good info on this forum to help me decide. Must admit I was surprised they tinter got my X5 done in 2 hours and I it seems like a perfect job. Didn't meet Kevin but have only hear good things about him. It's always nice to be told you've made a good choice so thanks for that.
  2. Got my car done at Ultra Tint down Gold Coast. Decided on Ultragard Fusion and I'm very happy with how it looks. Was initially looking for something more black in appearance, but the heat rejection made me go for it. Service was great and it was done quite quickly.