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  1. Anyone tried platinum EXTRA/ulta DEFENSE? Apparently its a thicker and stronger film han the regular platinum/ultra. Does it offer better optical clarity/shine?
  2. Have they launched any updates or new variants of the Platinum PPF since launch?
  3. Couple of questions... If you get a dent on a vehicle with a clear bra and go to have the dent removed ( paintless dent removal ) 1 - Would you need to remove the film on the panel that has the dent ? 2 - Would the film be damaged or deformed/stretched after they they pull out the dent from the inside ( back of the panel ) i.e. door dent. Thanks
  4. anyone used the nano fusion recently? is it as good as it used to be after the switch of ownership?
  5. Is the adhesive different between the two ( if the film is indeed the same ) if so would that mean one might yellow quicker?
  6. ill try and get a roll number, i recall reading earlier someone compared roll numbers and it was obvious that the LLUMAR PPF was just rebranded Suntek. I'll see what i can find and post here.
  7. I'd like to know because i can't seem to find anyone who does Suntek near me but i found someone who does LLumar.
  8. One of the installers here is offering LLUMAR. Is the LLumar film currently just rebranded SunTek?
  9. Nano fusion vs Xpel Ultimate vs Hexis body fence vs Suntek Which would you recommend out in the hot desert sun/dust/humidity. ( Thicker film, least yellowing ) ?