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  1. egetorp

    First Crown Vic help!!!!

    Lol and I appreciate it!!👍
  2. What??!! I stand corrected! Good on ya mate. But really thank you. I just did a 16 Corolla today I bet it’s the same
  3. I’ve done 4 2018’s and the 3rd brake light is molded into the back deck.
  4. Omg this back glass is kicked my arse!!
  5. I used tint slime for the first time and I love it!! I’ve used j&j, generic baby shampoo, and tint tack. Slime worked the best for me so far.
  6. egetorp

    94 corvette bg

    I was using black pearl 22 nr. The guy showing me how said that he didn’t think that film shrunk/shrinked? Well. He likes using solar fx hp.
  7. egetorp

    94 corvette bg

    I found someone to show me in person how to get it done. Interesting thing was he didn’t use the h pattern he used a vertical line down the center. Then did what the video showed. Lift and heat and didn't rush.
  8. egetorp

    94 corvette bg

    Thanks for the video!! So is he just lifting or is he also pulling? Also no one in town can do these types of bg (camaros, firebirds). Closest guy that can do them is over an hour away.
  9. egetorp

    94 corvette bg

    Thanks for the response blackoutauto. I’m going to try again tomorrow. I did start with dry shrinking then when the curve wouldn’t shrink I added some water and it didn’t seem to help. Then I used the center part that I shrunk and cut off the sides and tried to just do the curves separate thinking it’d be a piece of cake. Lol I was wrong!
  10. egetorp

    94 corvette bg

    I cannot for the life of me get this to shrink right. Should I wet shrink or dry shrink? I even tried 3 piece but the curves just end up creasing!!! UHHHGGG! These types of bg almost make me hate tinting.
  11. I pulled the seats forward to get the headrests out of the way. The back Bg was harder than previous generations imo. But overall still easy money!!
  12. Glad to hear! I'm doing one for a dealership Monday.
  13. So far it's been good and stable. Just have to watch out for small rocks.
  14. Ok. Thank you for the response. I've used sungard shadow 38 (dyed) which has a vlt of 42 and it is darker than black pearl hp 38 which has a vlt of 40. And I have flex film terraflex 50 (carbon) which has a vlt of 50 on the way. I'm trying to stay at or above 35 to stay legal in Missouri. I've been using the first 2 but after some reading on here they may test below 35. So I was looking for a dark film that would still be legal.
  15. Which film looks darker with same VLT? Dyed, HP or Carbon?