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  1. pinnacle doesn’t look like comfort it’s black in outward appearance
  2. Coating on the glass, Eastman sent a memo out like a year ago Nx only so far.
  3. Bring as much slack as possible to the eye opening was my plan after playing with one, never tried again... just played with it, reacts well to heat if your material doesn’t suck. Thanks for the shirts man dad laughed a bit too hard at the Klingon shirt. I really dig the Tint Eastwood shirt though. That shit is creative.
  4. Buy some qdp first and play with it, if you’re new you WILL waste film. Might as well be cheap. Buy a roll of ceramic after your first year in a shop as a tinter
  5. No ma’am likes this post
  6. Sup boss dragging my feet on cars, bought em a while back. Just need to modify em keep leaving em at work
  7. Well alright I’ll lead with some patina on ma hood and the sidework pouch. At work I’d have a white fusion fidget tool and a blue tri edge x as well. Also rocking the sledgehammer form gasket pro tools at the shop, I dig it, small and effective.
  8. Cool deal guess I’ll give the shirt to my girl @highplains pm me your address and size and the cars will go to @tintdude, hightimes and @Tint Slayer send me some addresses guys and hurry up with that size as I’ll have to order it girl
  9. Been done before. Let’s update.. I wanna see flat glass as well as auto. And how bout the 1 that saves you from the most headaches and how you’re using it. Extra points for the made/modified stuff. outta be interesting
  10. With some heat before you squeegee, it help me a lot on the 3 series coupes.
  11. I use it occasionally on dots or when I don’t wanna fight defrosters. I’m in Texas and haven’t had comebacks caused by it Not easy to position a back window with though... more of a peel it back and spray after .
  12. Next time you screw up take a picture and let us see? Video and film type will help us help you.