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  1. I have a window tinting shop but I've done a few hoods and roof and now have people wanting to get their entire vehicle wrapped. Im thinking that vinyl wraps would be a good addition to the business but first would to attend some type of training class. I am located in Spokane WA, does any one have a recommendation of a school Im the state or in a near by state? thanks!!
  2. thanks for the advice. got a bunch of guys that I have been doing tint for that are now asking me to wrap their hoods and what not. I did one for a guys that brought me the vinyl and it was vvivid. So I did a little research on it and It seems really cheap? im assuming vinyl is like tint where if the price of the material seems too good to be true then your setting yourself up for failure?
  3. I've been tinting for a few years now and starting to get into wrapping vehicles. what brand vinyl do you guys suggest that would be a good bang for the buck to just get here and there to do hoods, roofs, and eventually work up to full vehicles? cheers!!
  4. haha didn't even think of that. thank you.
  5. On Mini Coopers where the window rolls down just a little bit when you open the door what is the trick?? when I lay the film and squeegee it out everything is great. but soon as I close the door it rolls up the rest of the way and I got figures at the bottoms that I cant get out.. what do you guys do on these type of cars? remove door panels? thanks
  6. I will quote X amount of dollars and once the vehicle shows up for their appointment I do a walk around inspection on the vehicle with the customer to make sure everything is good or to point out any damage to cover my butt. At that point I can then let the customer know if there will be an additional charge.
  7. that's probably part of my issue. I never let it cool down when im done. thank you
  8. I appreciate the good advice ill try to keep that in mind
  9. I am fairly new to tinting and I just tint on the side for the time being. I usually do 2-3 cars a week and I have been using a Wagner HT1000, they seem to work ok but I am on my 3rd gun in just over a year. so my question is, is that normal or do you guys have any suggestions / recommendations on a better quality or bang for the buck heat gun? thanks!!