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  1. Sounds like is time to try another film company our film is easy to work with, very forgiving, and will definitely not bubble up or fade, if anyone would like samples message me
  2. Try our website ( and search for our "High Performance Line" it a metallized film
  3. Thank you @flat rock stan for the continued support!!
  4. @Slick so generous! @Roach Congratulations!
  5. And the winner is ... Post #120 SLICK!!!! @Slick Message us with your complete Shipping information as soon as possible! Everyone thanks so much for playing!
  6. @flat rock stan Stan the man! thank you so much for the kind words! Our film is truly easy to work with! If anyone would like a sample of our product let me know and I'll get it out to ya ASAP! 855-946-3456
  7. Hello Everyone! We are back at it with another raffle! This will be a Residential package, 1 roll of our Reflective Bronze and one roll of our Reflective Silver Film. The Raffle is open to all TintDude members, the rules are simple: 1. POST POST POST! Every post equals one entry to the raffle, back to back posts will not count. 2. This raffle will be open to all TintDude members! No need to like us on facebook although it would be greatly appreciated! ( The Raffle will run until 5pm Pacific time on May 19th, winner will be drawn by and will be named on May 20th , 2017. Now for the good stuff! The winner will receive the following items: The Residential Package 1x Reflective Bronze 25% 72” x 100ft 1x Reflective Silver 20% 72” x 100ft 1x 1.25L Hozelock Professional Plus Grade Sprayer 4x Armolan Window Films T-shirts (S-M-L-XL) 1x Free shipping if winner is located inside the US (international winner will be responsible for all shipping charges) The Approximate retail value for these items is $700.00 USD That's all everyone, Good Luck and Thank you so much! Sincerely, The Armolan Team
  8. Hello Abel, If you go on our website ( you can purchase window film on there. If you're looking for automotive film I would recommend the NR and HP Line.
  9. Hello, @vladimirnn if you can PM me your information I can have our Germany Branch send you a sample of this product if you would like to try it, this ceramic film is very popular in the hotter states in the US due to its heat rejecting abilities @flat rock stan Stan the man! Hope everything is going well, lets see if we can work out of the country again soon
  10. Congratulations on the win! more raffles coming soon stay tuned!
  11. Thanks Stan! Got another raffle coming up soon!
  12. And the winner is .. .... drumroll .... Post #1175 Mr. E_Loc ! Message us with your complete Shipping information as soon as possible! Everyone thanks so much for playing! We will be having another raffle open to everyone on the forum so stay tuned!