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  1. Yes sir clear frost. luckily it was only cut rolls and not my million dollar printer.
  2. I heard Privacy Film Company is an award winning film supplier!
  3. Sure, I wanted to put pressure on him to pay. I wouldn't have mentioned his name, especially if he just paid up. Any tint installer who is worried about how I handle asking to be paid 10 months after delivering film to them is not an installer I want anyways. We offer some of the best prices, product, and service on the market, if a dealer doesn't want to enjoy those benefits. So be it.
  4. Thanks Roach. Now delete the thread so we can all get back to actually making money.
  5. Roach outed himself. I had no control over that.
  6. I assure you the decision to bring up this topic on the forum wasn't made lightly as there wasn't much to gain from doing so. If you ever ordered form us, you would realize that we go above and beyond for our customers.
  7. All AG films on the market have a "removable" adhesive, however once that adhesive is on the glass for 1-2 years and best case scenario leave adhesive behind forcing you to replace the solar film your trying to protect or worst case it can become a PITA to remove if it adheres in a permanent fashion. We offer a clear 4 Mil protective film that will never leave any residue behind and is easy to remove.
  8. I'd recommend a 6" Triumph scraper. You may want to soak the film to help keep the dust down as you scrape.
  9. Rotatrim{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=CjwKCAiAqvXTBRBuEiwAE54dcM8DQK9kOoxzbbKtKK_Xxj062yBY7BmzrcPKht7-AAIDtSm9egxClBoCXusQAvD_BwE
  10. Not a terrible idea F1. I've got an "adhesive" that might work.
  11. Do what Tom said. Specifically, have your film supplier slit the rolls down to the exact band widths you need. In your case 30" & 9 1/2". I'd also have them slit some material that can be used as a spacer for the clear gaps (1/2", 1", 5 1/2". etc.) Level and install the middle band all the way across and then use the spacers(reusable) to set the top and bottom bands. We custom slit for customers all he time. We have free spacer material that can be used as well.
  12. Congrats to " @no ma'am " on winning our first Tintdude raffle. As a thanks to everyone else who participated in the raffle, we will extend our 10% discount promotion through the end of October. Contact us to become a dealer and obtain wholesale pricing! Thanks, -Privacy Film Company