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  1. I own a tint shop near PGH. Main issue I have experienced is that dealerships will not pass a vehicle for inspection if the brow is below the AS1 line. Other than that I have not had any issues with tint.
  2. Way off!! What part of PA are you in? I tint in Irwin and used to use Suntek but switched to Solar Fx and would charge $200 to do your car.
  3. Absolutely love this film! Made my switch already and will continue to use their products! Not to mention some of the best customer service I have ever experienced!
  4. I had this happen a few weeks ago and its a headache. I called the Volvo dealership and he told me to have the vehicle owner bring his car to the dealership and they will do a warranty claim and replace the back glass. Next time I get a call I will make sure they understand the issue and ask if they have had a new back glass installed prior to tinting the vehicle. Felt bad calling the customer to explain the situation on his brand new Volvo but its worth it in the end.
  5. I'm in western PA. Although I tinted in SC for a long time. We used a variety of films but the IDS line was fairly popular in that area. This is why I like this site there is a lot of good knowledge and good people here. Thank you for all your knowledge and input.
  6. Ok that makes sense. So a dual reflective can be installed with a darker tint? She told me that no film darker than 35 could be installed and that the blue max was the wrong tool for installing flat glass.