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  1. I've had Stek DynoMatt on my car for almost 2 years now (installed March 2017, you can see original photos in one of my previous posts). I can say that the film still looks amazing with none of the issues that DennisJR is posting. I can post some photos of my car in a couple days as I'm getting the windshield replaced right now. I usually have the car hand washed once a month and have the original install shop detail the car twice a year. All the Stek cars I've seen in their shop look amazing with none of the issues other people are mentioning either.
  2. A couple weeks on and I'm still ecstatic about the film. No issues so far and I've hand washed the car 3 times. Best part about the STEK film is right after a quick hand wash you can go drive for 5 min and the car is almost dry. Just a quick wipe down and it is done. Meteopolitan Detail did a spectacular job on the install as well.
  3. What car needs 72"? My 2017 Q7 has a huge good and doesn't have a seem...
  4. I saw the Tesla loaner at Metropolitan when I was checking in on my Q7 getting dynomatt. While it isn't my taste, it was definitely cool.
  5. The pictures really don't do it justice. My wife (who hates cars) text me when she first saw it (I was flying home) and said, "That is f'n sick"... she has never said that about any car. Another friend at dinner said the photos (above) don't do it justice. I tend to agree.
  6. Car got dropped off at my house yesterday while I was on a flight home from Detroit. Totally blown away by the final results. Attached are some of the photos my friend snapped. He wanted to take more time with it but had to pick up his daughter and was in a rush. First and foremost a huge thanks to John and Benjamin over at Metropolitan Detail in the Seattle area. Benjamin is a rockstar in terms of install quality. The guy is just meticulous. I'm blown away by the film as well. Perfect uniformity on every panel. A little about the car: 2017 Audi Q7 Prestige in Florett Silver with Black Optics, adaptive suspension, driver assistance and a few other features. The tint is Xpel Prime XR (20% front, 35% rear all the way around to match, 70% windshield). Black Audi rings from While I know everyone has their preference on film, I would encourage you to at least check out Stek. Obviously I'll be keeping an eye on it but I know being a local company they stand behind their product and workmanship.
  7. The guys over at Metropolitan Detail have done an outstanding job. I still haven't seen the car in person. I saw some of it last week but was traveling for work this week. I'll either get it at EOD tomorrow or Friday depending on what time my flight gets in. My friend saw it today and was blown away.
  8. Friend sent over a shot he snapped today when swinging by my installer. Door handles are going on today. I'll have some better photos tomorrow once it is wrapped up.
  9. Here is a different panel that shows the lighting a bit better. Yes, I went with Matte film, but the car is normal florett silver from Audi.
  10. Just a little teaser photo of the car... Should be finished up in a couple of days but the film is beautiful and I have to say the installers have done an amazing job. I'll post a full set of photos with the complete car once it is done.
  11. Are you suggesting I work for Stek? It is pretty easy if you are such a internet search wizard to figure out my full name and where I work which clearly has nothing to do with Stek. Meanwhile you use a generic first initial and last name and no reference to where you are located. It is obvious you have a grudge with some mythical Korean company that you claim simply changed their name to Stek. The install shop I'm working with has a history of excellent customer service for well over 10 years. If you are willing to bad mouth a company, why not do so with some transparency. Where do you work? What company film do you install? Unless you are willing to be transparent it is clear that you simply work for a competitor who is simply trying to badmouth a company at any cost.
  12. The problem I have is you haven't even used their product. You claim that you received some other companies product and it was totally defective and you associate that with Stek. Have you even installed a piece of Stek film? The internet swings both ways, and from personal experience in both friends who know the shop I'm working with and other shops I feel pretty good about my choices to use their product. I've also seen plenty of times where installers and shops bad mouth other product because they don't want to lose business to another brand. I could care less what other people install, but to bad mouth a product that you have (by your own admission) never used is just poor taste.
  13. You realize they are showing off various materials that they make. I'm guessing you wouldn't buy 3m products because they make all sorts of products other than film right? They make sticky tape, which you (and most of the world) probably know it as "Scotch Tape"...
  14. I dont work for Stek nor have anything to do with them. I work for a software company in Seattle. I did spend a huge amount of time researching the film that I am putting on my car. I spend time talking to each of the shops that I was considering in my area who install Suntek, Xpel and Stek, as well as shops in neighboring cities. I went and checked out a few cars that have had the film on each for many months including one of the early samples of Stek from the shop doing my car. I also asked for honest opinions on the business practices of all the shops I could have worked with from friends who have had multiple cars wrapped by each. Personally I went with the installer with the best reputation in my area. They have installed Xpel and moved to Stek because they believe it is a stronger product. I could have easily gone with Xpel (similar pricing) or Suntek (cheaper) but given my research I feel confident I'm getting an excellent product from a very well qualified shop who has been around for a long time. Checking out their film, I can tell you that no where near 2/3's of their film is defective so it is completely disingenuous to claim that some other company you bought from represents Stek's business/quality.