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  1. My front driver and front passenger windows now are starting to show an almost centimeter gap between the window and the frame. Is this normal? Should I contact the company that did my tint? Example pic attached.
  2. Shout out to everyone not giving into the hype of the new Starbucks sugar-fuckfest and casually avoiding...

  3. Count down from 5 and actually do what you said you were going to do.

  4. Fresh off the lot. 5 miles on the ODM. The defroster lines are fine, what you're seeing is where the tint is flush on the line and where it's showing a gap between it.
  5. My issue is, this would be the 3rd visit, for an issue. Wouldn't I almost be nit-picking at this point? I honestly feel bad to go back and complain when the 1st time I did it, they made it out like it was a 'normal' thing. I almost just want to pay another shop to do the window for me instead... it's just been a very unpleasant experience. I'm just more shocked by the reputation of the shop with it not correlating to the quality of the tint I recieved.
  6. As far as I know they use Huper Optik. You did not get Huper Optik Ceramic...that is more in the $400-$550 price range. Not to mention Huper Optik Ceramic has a silverish look to it which your film does not. If they have Huper Optik and are an Autobahn dealer, you most likely got Huper Optik Performa which is a great performing film that compares to other Ceramics, but not a Ceramic film. Here is a comparison on color... Huper Optik Performa I think you're right. Apologies on my part.
  7. Totally hear you. I actually was very calm and polite. Explaining my unhappiness for paying, in my eyes, a premium dollar. I only went into a passive aggressive mode when after explaining my dissatisfaction that they kept coming back with the 'oh the water we use is.... the air conditions are.... we have 95%+ perfection rate'. It seemed more of a defense mode vs making it right to the customer. At one point I simply asked them 'is this up to you standards? I am just a consumer, you're the professional. Does this qualify as the quality product you back?' and at that point is when they agreed to re-tint it. Almost like it was an attempt to 'shoo' me off. I guess based on what you said, this is normal and I should just deal with it?
  8. Thanks for the reply. The car is brand new. I brought it there the day after purchasing it. Car is immaculate. My issue is, how is this happening back to back? How would a shop allow it to pass? I would assume someone who's in the business so long would be able to see these things PRIOR to finishing the job. First time the dirt partical areas were smaller, this time they appear to be bigger. I just don't understand. As far as I know they use Huper Optik.
  9. Long story short, just got a new car. Asked around where to get it tinted. Everyone raved about this particular shop that's been in business for 30+ years. Always has top of the line cars in and out of it. They use ceramic tint and charge $265. Basically went got my tint, all is well, noticed on the back window some clear dirt particles under tint causing bubbles after 2 - 3 weeks. Went back to shop, showed them the tint, worker comes out and looks at it and starts to explain 'well we use hard water, air conditions, we have a 95%+ perfection rate' blah blah blah. I'm thinking in my head, is that my problem or yours? Finally convince shop to replace back window tint after I was pretty upset paying $300 bucks basically. They re-do the tint. It's been mind you, only 4 days now. But I took pics of my back window again, and it appears there is STILL dirt under it, unless I'm going crazy. Tbh, I went into the city once, paid a guy $100 with no tax and they did a better job than this reputable shop. Am I going nuts or is this type of work uncalled for? I'm just a consumer, I don't know anything about tint application, but I find it odd that a shop in business for so long, with so many return customers, does this type of work. Sorry for venting. Thanks guys!