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  1. I hope you got this solved by now...
  2. Waited late for a guy to come in after he got off work, gets there and its hours past closing already..... BTW "it had tint on it already I just ripped it off for you." its all glue....
  3. Tint Sesh 854 A Hwy 28 Byp Anderson, S.C. 29624 +1 864 808 0016 www.tintsesh.com Autobahn/Huper Optic dealer
  4. There is no comparison i3 is a way better and clearer film. XR has high ratings but has a bad haze and you never get that with any huper products.
  5. None. Good film, they protect you if you don't use other film lines.
  6. I am sure you figured out Autobahn is the way to go by now.