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  1. jj5010

    4 Series Front Windows

    Usually the mirror corner, I don't struggle putting the film in either. I'll try pushing the seals down next time though, I need to try something different
  2. jj5010

    4 Series Front Windows

    I was using Suntek Carbon for the first 3 then switched to Global QDP after hearing the praise it gets around here and im still having the same issue. It's baffling me
  3. Ok so I've done about 5 or 6 of these cars this year, the regular model and the M4. My problem is that literally every single one I do comes back after a few days because it's peeling. Every single 4 series. It doesnt always happen on both windows which makes me confused even more. I really dont know I'm doing wrong. Anyone have any tips on this car? Do you cut it shorter/longer than a normal frameless car?
  4. Looks clean 👌 I haven't been tinting for too long, I've always wondered how do you do old cars like this with no dot matrix or anything. Are there gaps around the edges inside?
  5. These are based in the US, getting it here in the UK would be a bit costly with delivery + import fees
  6. Seems like we dont have half the tools to purchase here that the US have. Where do you guys in the UK generally buy tools from? Especially the Tri Edge, the only place I can find that sells that here is eBay and its been overpriced
  7. Alright thanks guys, I just wanted some more clarification before ordering some rolls, I got a bit sceptical when I read/heard about it but seems like it was very very rare
  8. I'm not specifically just talking about on here but in general from other places that have used Global here in the UK Also we do get a few matches when googling fading on Global from this site but these problems seem to be very old, prior to 2011. Just thought id see what it's like now and it seems good because I see nothing but praise on this forum about it. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=global+fading+tintdude+site:www.tintdude.com&prmd=insv&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiL-J2lzqbWAhVNaVAKHbFJAXMQrQIILCgEMAA&biw=360&bih=616
  9. I remember years ago Global film had a lot of complaints in regards to the film turning purple in as little as a year. For those that have been using the film for the last several years, have you experienced any fading/discoloration? I want to give QDP a try but I don't want to deal with a bunch of warranties in a years time for fading
  10. I've been looking around for some blue windshield tint but not too sure of any. I kinda know of Llumars Air Blue 80 however I was looking for something that's more blue since that's very subtle (unless there are different shades of blue they sell I'm unaware off?). So does anyone know of any brands?
  11. The first time it happened I had to pay for it but it wasnt an issue since I knew somebody who sorted me out with the price. Ever since then I tell the customers before I take the tint off that the heater lines may come off in the process and they may need to buy a replacement, or if they want to risk it to just smash the window and have the insurance take care of it (which 1 customer did and it worked)
  12. I use a steamer to remove tints and it works perfectly fine on every window on every car but one, the Mercedes E Class. Literally every time I attempt to remove the rear windscreen tint 75% of the heater lines just come off with it and the glass has to be replaced. I doubt this is a common issue so I'm assuming the problem is the steamer I'm using, its pretty old but as I mentioned before it works fine on every other car. Anyone had bad experience on this car too, do you think my steamer needs upgrading?
  13. So I've been tinting for a while now, started in the summer last year. At that time I would finish a rear screen perfectly on a saloon/coupe. When the tint was on it was perfect. However ever since the weathers been freezing here, especially overnight, I've been having the same issue on almost every rear screen on a saloon/coupe. Nothing in my technique has changed but I'll explain what it is that's been going wrong. So I shrink the back screen normally, smooth as can be with no bubbles, no different to what I was doing in the summer. Then it comes to putting the tint on inside, again no issue. Squeeze all the water out like normal and then comes the issue I've been having. I look at it from the outside and see 10 or so black water bubbles on some of the heater lines near the edges. It's ALWAYS on the heater lines and in the bottom corners. No matter what I do I just can't get rid of them. Heating it up from outside does nothing and trying to squeeze more water out does nothing. At first i thought these black water bubbles just dry out but cars have come back to me and the problem is that they become bigger and white. So my question is can sub zero temperatures weaken the glue of the tint as I store it in a very cold garage? side not: I use Suntek film, the most common tint people use here in London in professional garages