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  1. we would love to try it out, i can send over a shipping label. thank you Howard


  3. Hello! STEK USA is the United States distributor of STEK, the automotive industries leading innovator and manufacture of Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra), Window Tint, Windshield Film, and Car Care products. We came to the United States three years ago where we are rapidly gaining momentum with proprietary high-quality products and world-class customer service unique to STEK. Our team is looking to expand with the addition of a hard-working, self-driven Sales Representative that shares our passion for excellence and automotive. Automotive PPF/Window Tint installation experience is not a requirement but could be a huge plus. Sales Representative Job Responsibilities: Sales Representatives manage incoming leads and existing customer relationships Sales Representatives navigate a CRM to create contacts, log conversation, provide follow up, receive orders and manage other customer conversations Sales Representatives are responsible for personal organization and development of supporting sales materials to create replicate experiences and build brand strength Sales Representatives assist in handling and organization of product in the warehouse Responsibilities also include growth and outreach and building an online presence across social media Sales Representative Qualifications: Self-driven with a good attitude Experience in customer service Strong work ethic and desire to succeed Ability to manage multiple tasks A passion for excellence and quality Ability to lift 50lbs Sales Representative Job Benefits: Cell phone provided Lap Top provided Paid sick time Growth work environment Exposure to special opportunities May have the ability to travel Sales Representative Compensation: DOE Job Type: Full-time Please submit your application here: Or email your resume directly to --- We look forward to hearing from you! - STEK USA
  4. thanks for the follow up, i had brought in my own calipers to play around with today but found they somehow had locked closed?? i think the test could be done with more visibility into the method but i also understand the lab is off limits to cameras, that does make it very hard to show results. finally very curiuos where you received a sample of that WS shield from? we have never sold that particular film here in the states. Thank you Howard
  5. @3M Tech Guy just curious if using calipers is the truest and best way to measure the thickness of a product that can easily be pinched thus reducing the thickness, plus is taking one measurement of one piece the best method of testing? thank you Howard
  6. AEV did a partnership with Chevy on the Colorado Bison, and it has the same huge Chevrolet banner, what happened to just the simple bow tie ? most people hated it on the raptor , why follow that ?
  7. how often are you replacing the blade ? also as it dulls are you adjusting the speed and cutting force ?
  8. Hi Larry, pleasure. Technology these days has certainly come a long ways and films are more advanced than they have ever been. Thank you for the additional write up and photos of your weekend project. That is certainly a noticeable difference from start from finish!! I hope they appreciated your efforts and enjoy the water run-off, rock chip and scratch resistance of their restored headlights. Reach out any time if we can further support you! Best, Michael
  9. Our DYNOblack carries a 7 year warranty, please email for shipping details!
  10. Hey Larry, thank you for the thoughtful right-up. I think you have taken a very responsible approach to further develop your skills, your photos are great. We would encourage you to give your film options a good stretch test when nailing down which you decide to install. Best, STEK Michael
  11. Recently at STEK USA we introduced DYNOshades, a line of Paint Protection Film designed to protect automotive lights and enhance their aesthetics. Using our unique manufacturing process, this 8mil thick puncture resistant film offers a hydrophobic, anti-contaminate, and self-healing top coat while being extremely comfortable. These products allow your customer to further customize and protect their vehicle by using a 30%vlt (DYNOsmoke), 45%vlt (DYNOshade), or DYNOyellow PPF on headlights, taillights, and chrome pieces. We also introduced DYNOblack earlier this summer, our high-gloss black Paint Protection Film. This film is the go-to upgrade for popular vinyl roof and hood services being more durable than traditional substitutes. This product also shares our HYDROphobe® top-coat technology making for a long lasting and easy to maintain high gloss black PPF. To find out more about these products and our company comment below, shoot us an email to or check out our website at Thank you for reading!
  12. make sure you are also spraying down the floor and surrounding area with water to keep that dust down. when stripping film keep any unnecessary people away, fans off, doors closed....
  13. Are you willing to relocate? I speak to shops across the country who are looking for a high quality tinter.
  14. Actually it's in development. Stay tuned for more in the near future. Thanks Howard
  15. Hi Josh, This is a true PPF, and like the rest of our DYNO line of films it's hydrophobic, self healing, and extremely low texture. There is not a worry of paint showing through but it's not solid black either, how I describe it is if you take a piece and hold it up to your eyes and look at a bright light it's like looking thru welding goggles. Let me know if you have any other questions. We sell this film in 2 sizes 60x50 foot rolls and 60 by 10 foot sheets. Thank you Howard