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  1. Anyone here have any good input or experience with this brand of window tint? I’ve never heard of it before. Would love some valuable input. The guy wants to charge me 200 for the tint job on my coupe.
  2. Thanks. Gonna have to start looking around. What are your thoughts on Suntek and Luminex
  3. Ah, I guess I see your point now. Lol
  4. Well I’m not installing it myself, so I don’t see why buying my own film would be a problem it’s the same retailer.
  5. Hey guys so I just bought this 96 prelude and I was just curious if a 30” by 70” roll would be enough window tint to cover this coupe, I’m looking on eBay and the roll is under 200 bucks. Going to find someone to install it for me, not looking to spend 500 on window tint.
  6. Thanks for that I went with the 20%. Will see how it looks tomorrow morning when I pick it up
  7. 2013 bmw 135i, having 3M crystalline film installed in 20%. Anyone else here using that film? Are you happy with it? Any complaints?
  8. That's supposed to say lay of the film... Damn lol