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  1. working on my 3 peace of film, im maxed out of shrinking, has anyone tint one yet
  2. Looking for the true thin microfiber towels when they first come out. All the microfiber towels that are out on the market are not the tight thin chamois
  3. Thank you everybody for the insights. it is one of the least favorite questions to ask but needed to know how I would need to remedy that kind of problem if it ever happened.
  4. It's a pleasure meeting everybody once again it's been three years since I've been on the forum. Ended up relocating from Lady lake Florida grapevine Texas starting a new job today. Working for housetinters.com My boss Steve has been running a flat glass tinting business and bringing me on as an automotive center and he's trying to find literature for quality control when bringing in damaged cars making sure that we are not at fault for other people's neglect and damage of the vehicles for proper inspections before bringing them in the shop wondering if anybody might have any waivers that needs to be signed by the customers that they acknowledge the damages on the car before we proceed with a tint job