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  1. Lets say that I would go with solarFX, how would you stock up and in what shades? we dont have that many high end class cars here in Iceland and solarFX has so many lines that I'm getting pretty confused ? which 3 to go with. classic series vintage series carbonFX Prime series UltraFX HP HybridFx FXtreme nano series whats the difference between black series and charcoal?
  2. well now express has been added to the pull. would have been nice to have the option of making a poll to make this easier ? so far u have recommended solarFX, global and express. well at least solar and global have the same distributor but I'll get in touch with express and ask them for a qoute.
  3. Thanks guys, I see where this post is leading. Only thing I'm afraid of is that they cant sell global to our region here in Iceland (europe)
  4. one slick thanks for your reply. I recon they were ? but in terms of price vs. quality we are also looking into being a dealer for that brand of film also. We are a licenced dealer for 3M and we could easily go with them but I know they are expensive compared to other films on the marked that are just as good even better (don't tell anyone I said that), according to the reviews I have read so I wanted to hear from experienced tinters their taking on the matter.
  5. Thanks Stewy, I´ll look into that anyone else that has an input?
  6. Hey Guys. Just joined the forum today and I´ve millions of question that I need answer to. I´m new to tinting, but I´ve worked as a window installer for over 3 years now and I´m looking to expend the business opportunities and offer also window tinting for those customers that already have a tinted window that broke or just a complete tint job. The million dollar question is, which tint should I go with? 3M, SunSek, EWF, ect? And which should I avoid? Another thing I wanted to ask is dyed filmes, hybrid, ceramic etc, which one should I go with there? There are just to many options to choose from. I´m sorry if I´m asking a question that has been asked millions of times before, just didn't get the answers that I was looking for going through the forum. Best regards, Frímann Örn