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  1. Anyone can tell me if above testing method is ok for evaluating the PPF ?
  2. Just found this video online, which is very funny. ET uses those testing method to attack on all other brands in China. Even this behavior has already against the commercial law in China. But is this test showing the real properties of the product ? I wonder how those manufacturers test the film in their own lab.
  3. Found this video online, seems like premiumShield has come up with an amazing product. Has anyone tried It yet ? Thank you
  4. Already asked administrator change my name to "PPF Hangzhou China". I am just trying to show what I experienced with Xpel distributor in China. No offence to anyone in this forum.
  5. Jeff I am just a customer of your distributor ET in China. We own a shop locally in Hangzhou China and sell PPF for over 5 years. We did pretty good job with Suntek in the past, till your distributor Mr. Li introduced Xpel to us two years ago. I was impressed by xpel marketing and DAP program from the US, and started using it. But things got bad pretty quickly. About 9 months later, I was firstly told there is another brand ET distributes called "OviiO", which manufactured by KPMF in England, this product was marketed as a "complement product" of Xpel since it's very cheap. But we found the product is totally Korean made 2 weeks later. But "OviiO" was well distributed in Xpel network because it's cheap price (around $680 per 60x50). 2 months later, ET announced Xpel made an improved product called "Titan Pro" which has a great hydrophobic top coating and has great stain resistant. The price is same as Xpel - LUX or U series, which is very high in China. I just want to know if this product is made by Xpel ?????? Because this is what ET is marketing in China "XPEL-TITAN PRO is a Xpel made product". I have multiple screenshots still show your distributor Mr. Li posting this on daily basis. He is taking advantage of Xpel Channel in China, and sell some BS Korea made the product under Xpel and made himself super rich. If this keeps happening, we will have to decide to switch to another brand, who will provide us at least basic honesty of business. It seems this is out of your control already. This "XPEL-TITAN PRO" Thing is really bad for Xpel brand image in China. A lot of customer like me who are really loyal to Xpel now is thinking of switching PPF brand. Just for your information.
  6. So it's a totally BS marketing by Xpel China Distributor ET. Isn't that going to hurt the Xpel brand image ? We just want to install the real Xpel film, not some fake Xpel from Korea manufacturer. ET always marketing this product as "PRODUCED by Xpel" on their training conference, and I think Mr Li made so much money on TITAN-Pro since they buy film from Korea and sell it at Xpel Ultimate price !!!
  7. Both Suntek and Xpel yellows if you don't maintain them properly
  8. I don't think any TPU supplier making this width. You can stretch the film for some big hoods. like Porsche Macan
  9. This is bothering me again. I am an Xpel dealer in Hangzhou China, and the head of Xpel Chinese distributor - ET Mr. Li Yang keeps telling me this TiTan Pro is made by Xpel ? I just want to get a solid response from this forum. If this product is produced by Xpel, I will keep using it, otherwise, I will stop using any kind of Xpel product. Because this is totally a BS marketing of reboxing some Korean product and sell under Xpel name by Xpel Chinese distributor . Titan Pro was introduced by ET in China since August last year, now everyone thought this is the top line from Xpel. ET are selling thousands of "TITAN-Pro" per month to its distributor including us. On their marketing literature, it always calling the film "XPEL-TITAN Pro" because the customers didn't know what's "pre-cuts" mean on the boxes. They saw the logo xpel on the box, then thought it produced by Xpel. Check out below images. And Mr Li Yang is bragging about Xpel will acquire ET company in China and eventually any product he sell will become legit. Can some one really clarify this ? Just want to get truth. Thank you