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  1. Anything I should be aware of besides being frugal with slip solution? TIA
  2. Tintbits

    2018 camaro

    This was actually very easy. Sat on the folded rear seat and used my long tools. Beautiful car
  3. Has anyone attempted one of these? Looks like a b*tch of a rear window
  4. Tintbits


  5. Did my second of these yesterday. Got it on the 2nd try AFTER I looked at your insightful tip!
  6. As for cleaning the spray bottles, I do it once a week with hot water. Shake it real good and rinse. If there's still gunk, I use ice and shake it good, rinse and fill. I'm mobile so it's always tap water. Never noticed any diff.
  7. Tintbits

    2019 Rav 4

    I have a new RAV4 on Wednesday. Is that back window a pita to hand cut? Remove the spoiler?? Tia...
  8. Tintbits

    2017 Honda Civics

    I usually use an extra warranty card. It's long and thick enough to use as a guard for the outer rubber trim against melting. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Tintbits

    '15 M4

    I've got one scheduled for Tuesday. Any thing I should be worried about, besides stuffing towels around the amp?
  10. '18 Camry Hybrid. Classic Black 20%, 35%
  11. Give me 4 Camrys a day. So easy. I will say the front roll-ups are a bit more difficult as it's a very long window with a good bit of shrink required. Overall much easier than previous iterations
  12. Bulldozer and Bigfoot are great long reach tools for deep rear windows
  13. I guess the jokes on me.Thanks for not helping in any way
  14. Just seen pictures. Looks like cake tho. Anything I should know? Thanks much..
  15. I turned down a customer just now buying a new E300 because of this issue. Dealer is upset I won't do it because the customer said he wouldn't buy the car unless it can be tinted. I've had issue with earlier C-class. But it usually dried in about 3-4 hours and was ok, but at this point I'm not willing to take a chance, as some have said the drying out doesn't always work. Very frustrating