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    Family,hanging out w/ my dog... he goes with me everywhere but work . Love playin my guitar and riding my motorcycle... ..and the beach. My dream job would be a beachbum!
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    East Texas
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    United States

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  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! Y'all are up from my neck of the woods, nice job!
  2. <<<<first time PPF made me wanna hurt myself😳😂
  3. @Bham @flat rock stan @jh812 @TintDude Thanks for the intel and encouragement, you guys rock.
  4. I'm going with poor personnel management and bad decision making 😆lolol lead tinter i.e. company pet has to have his bottom powdered and hasn't/doesn't play so well with others etc, only thing he had on me was the BG, I smoked him otherwise. I felt like if you're going to set a standard of professionalism and expect your employees to be dedicated that you should hold ALL OF THEM accountable. Sure gonna miss it though!!! No worries I'll be on here pestering y'all for sure!👍🏻
  5. <<<<<<<<<sad news....I'm as of today no longer employed in the industry😓and can't tint in this area for at least 3 months (no compete clause) I do plan on keeping up with TintDude, this place is so helpful. I learned more tips or "tricks of the trade" on this site than I did from 5 months in the bay I just left. So thanks Tintdude.com, I'll be seeing y'all around ✌🏼️
  6. When will monday be part of the weekend??!?!?!!
  7. Dude, it was in immaculate condition, hard and rough as hell to drive to drive though.
  8. Congrats to JH on the win, not even gonna pretend I knew before RIGHT NOW......?....I'm about done adulting for the day, hope y'all are havin a great weekend. ✌?️
  9. <<<<<<<<<<I concur my friends. So glad my boss pointed me to this site when I "rejoined" the gang after a decade, this place is a plethora of information that has made my every day life in the bay better to say the least. Thank you Tintdude! Cheers
  10. FILESHARE WITH FRIENDS......BRILLIANT!!!...I've tried communicating with the tech support on the other end of our "data base"...insert eye roll.....some of the patterns make me wonder if anyone on "the other side" have even ever picked up an Olfa? We are due for new software in September thank you sweet baby Jesus in a tuxedo shirt!!!!
  11. Hey, I can't remember her "call sign", but here was a lady tinter who's shop was destroy by a tornado in Oklahoma.....does anyone know how she's doing now? Thanks?
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