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  1. Hello guys, Please stop by 44Tools booth ( 123) We'll love to meet you.
  2. Thanks for sharing that, I hope it works for you as good as the rest of the guys that are using it. Remember not to push too hard again the fabric, but if you do please get the fabric wet. Please feel free to ask us any question that you might have. Jay M
  3. Hello guys, We don't usually tell installers to buy our tools. We normally release information about new products just to get some feedback from other installers that are not on our network and make sure that we are on the right track. So . @davebheam you should take a look to our website, there you can find tools that might be the solution to many of your problems. You can also see the newest one ( Smooth-It ) that we created just for the scratching problems that we all have with hard cards. I personally recommend you to look into the Tri-edge Plus and the Tri-Edge X Pink ( my favorites ) Don't forget to read the description ;) We would like to thank you to all you guys that are using our tools and give us your opinion, we really appreciate that. Thanks Jay M.
  4. @WearTheFoxHat I used to do that before but I realized that I was removing the nice round shape of the tool and making it sharp at the edge = N/G. then I switch to the car carpet, shorts...... but it was not doing an even job, it was mostly the tips of the tool so we decided to create a tool for it, base on the idea that an even friction will melt all roughness back into the surface of the tool keeping the natural shape of the edge. does it make any sense for you? . Not trying to sell you the tool, every installer have they own way to do they things and that's what we do with our tools.. Just sharing the way that we do tint, it might not works for you but you might have some tricks that works for others and so on. Thank you
  5. Well... you don,t see this every day... look at the doors
  6. Hey Hang, Thank you very much for the honest feedback. We only have two materials(fine grey mat and medium black mat) on the cloth, please make sure you are using the side that is Not shiny to smooth out the tools. Yes you are right about the waste of material but a replacement kit will only cost you $6.50 for a pack of 3 and that should be good for more that 6 month of daily used. On the dust that is left behind by tools, all you have to do is flip the fabric out and dust it off, that's the way we do it and it works just fine. Thanks again for sharing you opinion with us. Ps: old pre tri edge era ... funny... take look at this video, he is talks about that on it.
  7. Hello guys, That was the reason why we created the Tri-Edge Plus in a first place, here is the description from our site. Tri-Edge Plus We are now introducing the Tri-Edge Plus. The perfect design of the Tri-Edge Orange just got better. We have replaced a hard edge with a rubberized heat resistant material that will serve as a water squeegee. The rubberized blade was carefully designed to create a dry line on the glass at the bottom of the film. Our design team has found the solution to help prevent dusty water returning to any open bubble. No more paper towel!
  8. Thanks for the feedback on the tool, yes we are working on that but it will be at lease 3 month before we have that out. Thanks
  9. Hi OverLord, The tool it's available already, I guess you can contact 44Tools or GDI Tools and ask for it. Thanks
  10. @Phillystyle1 Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the tool, we really appreciate installers feedback. That's the best way for us to know if we are on the right track or not. Here is some images of the final products, the Smooth-It tool and the 3 Pack Replacement Mats. Thanks.
  11. I was looking for that one too but it is just discontinued so this is what I did and it works the same way or better because it is a little longer.
  12. Good to hear that, thanks for the feedback.