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  1. Car is brand new and the lights are just stupidly bright, you can see the horizontal line of the headlights in fornt of you it's just ridiculous really like everything is white, i drive at 2am i can see the animals in the trees it's so bright. So i should try the medium smoke? anything good have a blue-ish hue?
  2. I have a 2020 Subaru Impreza, it has those bright white lights that everyone thinks my high beams are on all the time and i'm thinking of putting something on them. Is there a particular shade of film that takes the edge off of the brightness just right? Also, would doing that mess up the Eyesight Assist system?
  3. i shrink beyond the future cut edge as much as possible and do a wet check every time, those fingers would show in a wet check unless its how you're push/pulling the film during install
  4. I joke around and say "Covid handshake" and air shake my hand 6 feet away from them, i also do a hug version where i look at them and air hug from 6 feet away lol making the best of it
  5. LoL nobody, just a cool quote i saw.this morning, that and also "You can't be all things to all people" ain't that the truth.
  6. "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser" -Socrates
  7. I only knew of Huper Optik having a specific Marine Window Tint, but doing a web search of "Marine Window Tint" brought up a few other brands i haven't heard of.
  8. You're the professional with all the answers who's gonna answer you? LoL Enjoy your day bro and thanks for being such a good source of quality info.
  9. You may just need more slip, for your slip use 10 mls per liter (or quart) of Dawn Simple Clean (the most basic weakest Dawn product, avoid stronger Dawn liquids you just need slip), the range i use is 8-12mls per liter depending on weather, the film and the need. right before you install soak the glass and soak the sticky side of film both times with a downward spraying motion, try to put the film on lightly and try not to stick all the film firmly on glass at once, put a corner of the film on glass and try to align or get as close to final position as possible before putting all the film on the glass still putting it on lightly until final position so you can start squeegeeing. The film should now be in the final position with a bunch of slip visible under it. Now with your thumb holding the top and run the squeegee along the top of film anchoring the top, do a light stroke down the middle and then light strokes outward and downward (remember where those fingers were, you want the film to pull wide to flatten them out, think about these things when doing your light set up squeegee and final hard liquid removal) and watch if the film has waves bump up when you're pushing it, stay behind the wave pushing it slowly and if needed pull in front of it with your finger to flatten it as you go and go slow to push the wave to shore (the rubber). now that the film is mostly in place you can spray it lightly with slip again and push that water out. Don't try to be the fast swiping guy with the squeegee just yet until you get a feel for what the squeegee can do other than fast swipes, do another final hard squeegee, heat the top of film lightly and briefly to dry it so you can close window. The bottom area spray slip and squeegee in direction of any small fingers (going perpendicular to them can give you creases). I know i went on a bit and i'm sure i said something wrong by someones standards but that's my 2 cents and let us know how it go, send some pics good or bad, the bad tells us more. Good Luck bro! -If you start to tack up and cant move the film easily you can either full palm slap the film lightly in the direction you're going to break the tack towards OR pull the top of the film back enough to spray slip in there and with your finger tips push and massage all that slip down and into the tacked area until the film floats on slip again, readjust film. -Tinting is not simple, cutting and all that is easy, getting a clean good looking job involves personal skill with pride in your work and that relates to how much you as a person want a job to look. The trick is go slow as you need and let yourself improve rather than try to be a 10 min side glass installer at the gate. My best work is the work i take the time to do right.
  10. Are you saying it won't stick to the glass after install?
  11. Some people will make like they can do a spotless, crease free 5 minute shrink job every time, and i'm sure some can and will let us know as usual lol. I make mistakes like you do, everyone does. Just keep blowing thru, taking your time. One tip i'd say is change your perception of shrinking. Ever hear that "Can't see the Forest for the trees" adage? Well "you can't see the shrink for the fingers" i'd say focus on the whole shrink instead of just the finger. When you shrink try look at it not like you're shrinking that one finger but instead think like shrinking the whole film across the glass. Like shrink that first line all the way across (or half way) just doing circular motions with the gun close and no card and you'll see what i'm saying, then shrink the next line all the way across, and make as many smaller fingers as you can out of the big fingers, as the fingers get worse towards the bottom or top run your finger down the middle of the fingers and split them smaller and smaller as you go across the film, if needed pull it with your finger a little to help lock down the tops of the finger in a good direction. Think of it like shrink wrapping, if you were shrink wrapping something you'd want to do as much of it as possible together instead of focusing on one spot where you hammer it on home and overwork that one area. You're not totally trying to shrink a finger as much as you're trying to shrink wrap all the film to mold to the glass. Another thing i see in newbies is they heat the film and will get a crease because they push the card past where they heated the film into cooler film, or they didn't heat it enough to a good melting point that will accept a hard card flattening it. If you find your self at every finger trying to work out every finger on it's own without thinking about the rest of the film, you're focusing on the tree when you should be focusing on the forest.
  12. Makes me wonder how they do the counting, Wayne county is between your county and mine but a tenth of the numbers we have, but everybody in Wayne avoids Wayne Memorial Hospital so they head out your way to the hospitals there. I wonder if the numbers are low because they count by the hospital occupancy instead of the individuals address. I have friends in Wayne County and judging by them the low numbers make no sense to me lol
  13. When i tried a Fusion sample i found a lot of particles in my slip, so i ordered a bottle figuring it was a bad batch in the sample and the new bottle gave me particles too. I went back to Joy and no particles so it was the Fusion and i will say i did like the Fusion otherwise. @vanhorn1 did you ever have that issue at any time? I was thinking of giving it another try, it did slip well and clean.
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