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  1. The trick would've been to come here BEFORE buying anything with FLEX in the name. I had used a roll of Ralphs garbage Flexfilm about 5 or 6 years ago and told him there were spots of dye missing from the film, little dots like that in your pics and one was about the size of a nickel, he didn't believe me and i sent the roll back and of course he says he didn't see it at all lol. Glad you took pics. This is not new to Flexfilm apparently since i saw it way back also. If you see a shop that sells Flexfilm just run is my advice. The guy was saying up to $700 instead of $500 he charged you? He must've given you the cheaper Tintclub version of the film from Ralphs no warranty collection on his cheaper no warranty website. Is it Flexfilm or the same film at lower no warranty price at Tintclub which had the same address before Ralph hid it, weird FLEX but whatever.
  2. Stick with Global. I had a bad experience with bad FlexFilm Terraflex and then a bad experience with Ralph, i guess like most of the people in this forum. I remember when i bought his film like 5 or so years back he was telling me even back then that the bad stuff was older film he doesn't have anymore lol so sounds familiar. You asked this forum about FlexFilm, you'll get a bunch of people who try to tactfully say to stay away and if someone is saying the film is great it's only temporary, like most of us fools that gave it a try. Nobody in this group brags about FlexFilm and when you do the other tinters wonder what's wrong with you. Even if he had a great film i wouldn't deal with Ralph. All i see is a snake oil salesman. He'll be here to whine about how mean we are and how hard he's trying to find a film that works, which tells me you'll never know what you're gonna get and who knows what's been in those boxes the past 5+ years. Now take the people who use Global, same stuff in that box year after year. That's called consistency without excuses. This is what everyone is thinking but are tired of saying.
  3. If you wet shrink or wet shrink after you dry shrink, the water makes the tape move just enough to mess it up. just a heads up
  4. The Auto NR? I don't see green in it at all. My experience shrinking is the opposite. Which version you using?
  5. I've tried out Avery Dennison off and on for a while now and am surprised i don't hear more about it, it's pretty decent, I know the whole Hanita deal and where it comes from, but i'm surprised i don't hear more about it in this forum. Anyone else using Avery Dennison tint film? Any comments on it?
  6. Windshield - Nothing 2 front Sides - 35% 2 back side and rear glass - 20%
  7. Whatever they want, but lately leaving a gap is the quickest for me unless they ask. Like @Dano said the top corners are tricky, i don't cut on the glass i use magic marker for the vertical cut spots. when you're gonna leave like a 1/16 extra to shave or cut i make the cut just a little lower on those 2 corners on the outside of the lines, this way i line up the the 2 corners of the film just below the edge so i'm not digging into the corners trying to shave or file the very edge of the film in the rubber area. Basically at the corners away from the line where it'll be under the rubber i make a cut from the line outward and slowly down ward so i don't have to dig in there to shave and i get some adjustment using those corners.
  8. The other customers have to be factored in, you can either make the one C6 mad or all 3 or 4 customers mad. Some days i can't do stuff i do easily other days. 4 rear glass go bad in a row i'm done for the day, i don't think many of us would try 5.
  9. Car is brand new and the lights are just stupidly bright, you can see the horizontal line of the headlights in fornt of you it's just ridiculous really like everything is white, i drive at 2am i can see the animals in the trees it's so bright. So i should try the medium smoke? anything good have a blue-ish hue?
  10. I have a 2020 Subaru Impreza, it has those bright white lights that everyone thinks my high beams are on all the time and i'm thinking of putting something on them. Is there a particular shade of film that takes the edge off of the brightness just right? Also, would doing that mess up the Eyesight Assist system?
  11. i shrink beyond the future cut edge as much as possible and do a wet check every time, those fingers would show in a wet check unless its how you're push/pulling the film during install
  12. I joke around and say "Covid handshake" and air shake my hand 6 feet away from them, i also do a hug version where i look at them and air hug from 6 feet away lol making the best of it
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