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  1. no luck searching for the part itself?
  2. Well i won't be getting the covid-19 if that's true
  3. I'm reading the problem isnt supply with ventilators and masks as much as its the gouging by the sellers, they're saying masks that go for 85 cents are now being sold for $7 a mask, they're saying different states are bidding against each other to get them, the need for the govt to get involved and invoke the war powers thing is so they dont gouge the different states, most states are already drained of money from this and if the govt does the war power thing then not only are prices fixed but govt pays more needed money to the states, and that's needed for when this gets worse, all states will need to double their hospital capacity. They all had to cancel elective surgeries like breast enhancements or stuff that can wait so we can have more room for what's about to come.
  4. From what i read it's ok to be in parks etc but use social distancing, the key thing is to not have tight groups all up in each others grill like a concert or a wedding etc, need wide open space between you and other people, in NYC they're still having large gatherings in parks, concerts and stuff like that it's like the old shampoo commercial, and they told 2 friends, and they told 2 friends, and so on and so on and all those faces on the screen are infected people. I was surprised when i saw over the weekend the bars in town packed and people right up in each others face and the crowd bleeding out into the sidewalk area. Like one newly infected person with the virus could do a ton of spreading there unknowingly. I'm feeling like i'm being paranoid but i also don't want to have my health tested at 55. Prediction, based on how we're such a litigious society, i bet people will start suing people for transmitting the virus carelessly. Mesothelioma? Slip and fall? Coronavirus? Call Jacoby & Myers lol
  5. GF and i went out for a hike yesterday, you see other people along the path and everyone moves like 10 feet away from each other lol it's like some sort of cooties etiquette out there now. In the store some guy walked by with bad breath and i was thinking if i can smell his breath i could be inhaling coronavirus, i smell some ladies perfume and i'm thinking if i can smell her perfume i'm within range of her coronavirus... it does get in your head a bit and changes how you act.
  6. @ErieTint your neck of the woods, any guidance?
  7. Anybodies work being effected by the pandemic? Seems crazy out here closing colleges and jobsites and all i'm hearing.
  8. Tint Slayer

    Tint Slayer

  9. this may be decent for those mobile types, this would be good for holding glass, a cutting mat or corrugated board pretty solid
  10. i like the idea of someone else being responsible for getting the glass to you in one piece lol
  11. I also do drawings, saw this glass table while looking for supplies, this one is like $80 and the glass is 24"x38?", https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074RDB74G/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_uv4gEbVEXS7WR there's another with a glass that's a little bigger at 28"x41.5" for $160 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X9Q0WX2/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_pA4gEbV0XVXAD Let Amazon deal with the glass arriving unscathed First one has wheels, 2nd one doesn't. For the cost of the bottom one you can buy 2 of the top one and have them next to each other for front and back glass
  12. The more you dilute it the more you wait. I use full strength, if you're gonna dilute it then you may as well just buy LA Awesome at the Dollar Store it works the same as diluted ATR
  13. I use it and love it. You can get it cheaper if you register online at their website or call the sales guy and register with them. I did and got it for i think around i think $10-15 cheaper