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  1. this may be decent for those mobile types, this would be good for holding glass, a cutting mat or corrugated board pretty solid
  2. i like the idea of someone else being responsible for getting the glass to you in one piece lol
  3. I also do drawings, saw this glass table while looking for supplies, this one is like $80 and the glass is 24"x38?", https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074RDB74G/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_uv4gEbVEXS7WR there's another with a glass that's a little bigger at 28"x41.5" for $160 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X9Q0WX2/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_pA4gEbV0XVXAD Let Amazon deal with the glass arriving unscathed First one has wheels, 2nd one doesn't. For the cost of the bottom one you can buy 2 of the top one and have them next to each other for front and back glass
  4. The more you dilute it the more you wait. I use full strength, if you're gonna dilute it then you may as well just buy LA Awesome at the Dollar Store it works the same as diluted ATR
  5. I use it and love it. You can get it cheaper if you register online at their website or call the sales guy and register with them. I did and got it for i think around i think $10-15 cheaper
  6. Post a mobile install video, i never get to see many people who do the outside installs. I'd like to see the secrets to keeping the work clean outside
  7. I'm posting this to keep the forum active and bring traffic and views
  8. I'd like to know which has the highest air output/CFM
  9. Years back some guy told me when he applies the film he sprays the slip on the glass and unrolls the film right from the roll while peeling off the liner (no slip on film like a reverse roll, just peel and stick, like a reverse roll right from the roll), then squeegees it down then cuts it in place, never saw it done but he says it's "his thang". Do any of you have some magic method you do that's "your thang"?
  10. I live in an HOA community and if they had a blinding light shining in my room i'd tell them to fix it or i will, i don't pay $1500 a year in dues to feel like i'm being interrogated all night, i pay and live in an HOA community so i don't have to deal with that kind of crap. Complain to them, they are literally disrupting your life. People in my community complain if you leave your garbage bins out too long. Complain to the HOA. "Light pollution" is an actual legal thing and no different from noise pollution, a neighbor can't blast music to disrupt your life just like they can't blast light into your life. Lights are also not intended to be looked directly at so there is the potential for long term damage to your eyes and your health from disrupted sleep and hopefully it doesn't trigger a seizure. The HOA should be on your side, they can shield or redirect the light.
  11. Steel work on Bridges and other large complex steel structures, the big stuff. I'm also the Steel Slayer lol
  12. My other gig is in heavy construction, just got offered a high paying job with a 4 day work week and all the benefits. What should I do?
  13. Just found it right before you posted lol
  14. @tintdude Did we lose the tools area in the forum?
  15. or they know the keywords people use when searching on the web