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  1. Have 25 years experience in about every phase of the industry, Looking for large scale commercial or residnetial projects. Fully insured All tools, no drama, just looking to hang film and make $$$. Can travel, can manage, do sales, consult, create efficiency with in exsisting business, safety, solar, deco, anti graffiti,. If interested please email me at thanks in advance for any interest have a blessed day.!
  2. This is for the shop owners looking for “Experienced Help”. If you want to have good employee’s and want people to stay and work for you, you cant be an ass on the phone to people seeking employment tnat call you, you cant offer $250 a day as top pay and expect to have quality help. I was told this am that $250 a day is a lot of $ for a tinter to make in the San Diego area. LMAO Get real people, $250 a day? hell a guy can easily schedule 2 cars a day and make $400 doing 2 cars with no one in your face but the customer. Again, if you are a shop owner and cant keep help or figure out why you cant keep help, these are some pretty good indications its not the installer’s. This industry had become a joke when it comes to looking for decent employment, no wonder so many people are out there on their own and shops can only find hacks to hire.
  3. Relocating to Palm Desert in March and will be seeking employment with Established Company. 24 Years Experience in all phases, Shop Owner for last 12 years, Very Professional, Efficent and Knowledgeable. Can send resume upon request, not looking for relocation assistance, and we will be purchasing a home in the area. Feel Free to reach out anytime. email or call or text 618-420-7722 Thanks in advance for any and all consideration.