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  1. well thats not going to be able to cut back windows or larger side windows
  2. if you want the best its not gonna make a big difference at all...
  3. my supplier cant even get anymore avery dennison films at the moment. im stuck with cheap crap on brand name from them
  4. starting out is going to do this to you. When I started out my business I was really really afraid as I had no type of guidance from anyone. Its a great thing you're learning all these mistakes while providing the jobs for free because you're going to learn alot. It'll def mentally tear you down but try again and again until you figure it out. I went through the exact same issues as you and recently after about 8 months figured out what works best for me. I was using scrub pads but that didn't work. I went back to using a razor to scrape because it can easily get into the rubber seals and scrape away the contamination. Spray down the windows a couple times after scraping, wipe the outside rims of the rubber seals and along the top of the plastic door moldings. Back window use a scrubby pad or steel wool 000 or 0000, never razor as it removes the defrost lines...try that out and youll have clean installs. Trust me I had a few redos and finally decided to change my methods a little bit and its worked out well. Business is busy after close to a year but I didnt really market myself until after 5 months. Also, just stick with johnston's baby shampoo and water. I stopped using slip solutions. It'll save you money. I use a blue max, go over the film twice, then wrap the black hard card with blue paper towel for one last pass. Thats what I learned from madico trainer.
  5. just the sides most of the time even though the film is fully shrunk, theres certain peanuts that appear. When I heat shrink with dryer sheets, I tack own the film in a H pattern. Any suggestions? not sure what causes this. Only happens on hatches for me and its getting really irritating.
  6. i had that happen the past few times with model 3 clients.. their chrome pieces sometimes have scratches but i dont go anywhere near their chrome, No knife on their vehicle as my shop has a plotter. One client the other day came asked me to take her tint off and refund because there were a few dust dots, I redid her tint 3 times, and it is on the same window. In the end she said she wants money back so she can have tint done at another tint shop. She msged me after a few days and showed a picture of melted rubber molding on her quarter window after the new tint job and her rear window wiper plastic cover piece missing. Another guy I redid his q50s twice because of a small line of dust in the rubber seals that causes the same line to keep popping up, eventually he asked if I refund the money in full but its up to him if he wants to remove the film or not.
  7. anyone know what brand has a more brown color to the film? Ive seen a few cars that have that 35% brown tint and it looks classy.
  8. what do you tell them if its over and over again, contamination on their windows, no matter how many times you cleaned it?
  9. can i grab one from you please? I live in vancouver canada, how much is shipping here?
  10. this question will be useful for OP as well. What is the best way to apply film and shrink on hatchbacks? ive been having issues lately with vw GTis and maz 3 hatchbacks. Im shrinking normally as I would on other cars but for some reason hatches are my weakness. I do the normal H pattern using dryer sheets. The ends of the windows and defrost lines just wont tack up!
  11. I use the thick felt cards for shrinking windows as well. Never used felt before for sweeps so I dont know what you mean by that so I want to learn. Thanks!
  12. all looks like beautiful work man. I am starting to get into commercial and residential films as well. Any tips to start off? How do I charge for pricing? Should I stick with one type of service or do both for autos and housing? which one would be more fluid for work? I have a shop now for auto but slow season will probably come during winter even though I do detailing/wraps and paint repairs as well.
  13. how much do you charge for something like that?
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