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  1. Excellent. That is the route I will go, then! Thank you very much for all of your help. You've been awesome!
  2. Nope... that is a different one than the one in Albany, from the looks of it. This Tint king is the one I landed on. I just did a google search and a few of them with that same name popped up, so I was assuming it was a chain store. My mistake.
  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I've seen the work he does, and I have spoken with him. From a customer service perspective, I would love to give him the business. Yet, because he doesn't seem to want to handle higher end tint, I am looking at other shops. (and we actually have 4 cars I am looking to get tinted.) On another note... I heard back from Tint King this morning. (Quite quick response, actually. 45 minutes via email.) When I contacted them about the Formula One tint and a price quote, here was their response... So where do we go from here? Other tint options, or different shop?
  4. Yeah the guy seemed really nice. What bothered me was when he said something about not carrying higher end tint because he didn't want someone posting online about their $800 tint job and hav ing potential customers saying "screw that, I can get it done somewhere else for $200." I mean, yes, I understand it. Burlington people are like that. Cheaper is always better and they don't educate themselves about anything. But to just not offer something because of that? That's odd.
  5. Awesome. Thank you all for your advice and help!
  6. Yeah it makes sense. My only thing is... My goal is to make the tint look as much like it's not there as possible. Cops in my area don't seem to hassle anyone about the tint (provided it's reasonable), but my risk is bigger than most. I am an official inspection station, and tint fails inspection. So if I get pulled for tint, I get a ticket. Then they write my station number down and the next day the state inspector comes out and Yanks my inspection license for inspecting a car with tint. So, it's just better if they don't notice it.
  7. Tint King in Albany is a bit more than 2h away. That's doable. I will definitely check out that tint. Thank you for the advice! What kind of a price should I expect? Don't need too specific. 200, 500, 800, 1k? The shop I was speaking with is "tint my ride" in Burlington.
  8. VT state laws are as follows: No restrictions on back windows No tint at all on side. Unrestricted on top of windshield, but only the top 4". Whatever I end up with, it will be uniform all the way around. Personal preference.
  9. Vermont is small. Anywhere in state is close enough. Most in NH and half in Mass would be close enough as well. I can hit NY in 40 minutes, NH in 30, Mass in an HR, and Canada in 2.5 hours. Thanks for helping me out! Can't wait to see what you can find.
  10. I've been doing a lot of research, but it seems like there are a ton of options and personal preferences, so I was hoping to shortcut this by asking what I am sure are questions that have already been asked a million times. (Some I have found answers to, but the answers vary wildly, others the answers are 9 years old and may have changed, etc.) With that said, Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond. I have a 2004 BMW M3 Coupe that I am looking to get the windows tinted on. First and foremost, for me - this is purely about trying to keep the sun from damaging the interior of the car and keep me from baking while I am driving. I don't really want to change the looks of the car. So, I am looking for something that is only as dark as it needs to be to get the job done. #1) I live in VT, and it is not legal to tint the front windows here at all. (Exemption for doctors notes, which to my understanding, are easy to get). I plan on tinting them anyway. #2) I believe I am looking for Ceramic tint. I have a radar detector in my car, and I don't want tint that will hinder its performance. #3) The closer to a black hue, the better. purple, blue, green, or red hues drive me crazy. #4) I think I'm looking for either 50% or 70% tint. I don't want my car to look different or stand out. I just don't want to bake on summer days. In all of the reading I have done, I was pretty much settled on 3M Crystalline. We only have one tint shop in this state (that I am aware of), so I took a trip up to see him on Saturday. He has been tinting for 20+ years, and he does amazing work. I spoke with him about what I was looking for, and ran my idea past him about the 3M. He can get 3M, but he definitely is not a fan. He was talking about how easily it scratches, and how much warranty work his shop has had to cover because of it. He was also telling me that the 70% has kind of a greenish hue to it. What he recommended was Wintech FEELM series. (I would be after the 450 or 470). I had never heard of it before, so i came home and started researching, and Wintech seems to be the epitome of mixed reviews. Some people love it, some people think its flea market tint. The only common factor is that any review I could find (especially on this forum) was from 2010 or 2011 at its newest. I've read where some people say the color degrades over just a couple of years. But hey... It has been 6 years or more since those reviews, and I've seen companies turn everything around (in both directions) in a far shorter time. So my question is... Is Wintech worth giving a shot? Or should I stick with 3M... or is there another option I should be looking at instead?