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  1. Hmm maybe I should contact them and see whats up. the more youtube i watch around tinting i keep hearing Global here and there im probably going to give them a call tomorrow and see whats going on.
  2. yeah i'm brand new so i'm still reading everything I can about what i'm going to be buying. I've tried to speak with 3M about their product but in the nicest way possible they told me we're not going to sell to you. Didn't feel so good but it is what it is. what brand do you use and why?
  3. @shadytints in your experience what was the go to brand?
  4. i wish it were wider and i had the strength of hercules that would be the best solution. but there is no way for that to be mobile.
  5. Hey guys, I'm in the process of starting my tinting business and i'm almost ready to roll! I've been talking to solar guard about their Film. The consultant was a 10/10 in his customer service. The question is what is your guys experience with solargard I couldn't any reviews really on here which i thought was weird. the particular style he recommended is the galaxy.
  6. gotcha yeah i hear you. Well the business model that i'm working with is definitely not a slap on job. im spending money on equipment, the tint brand, and marketing.
  7. yeah the whole point in this is to be mobile. nobody is doing that where i live which is kind of an edge. facilities aren't my priority for now.
  8. dang bro you didnt redo it? you just told the customer yeah thats going to be there for now on lol but what do you mean $69 tinting under tent? is that what you were charging?
  9. yeah that website has the ability to create 4 sides. kind of expensive 1200 maxed out with logos.
  10. Ayyyyeee look what I found. Secure that sucker with 45lbs on all 4 corners and get a tight fitting tent on that.
  11. Right. I'm not discouraged by that at all. I know people are going to have a garage most of the time but there might be one out of the ten that would be like nope don't have a garage. I was wondering why there Isn't any posts about this looks like there's an opportunity to do something different. Thanks Lahey appreciate your post. Anyone else know of anything?
  12. Hey thanks for clicking this I need some advice. I'm fixing to start a mobile tinting business and i'm curious what some of you guys are doing to be successful at tinting mobily. Like tools, generators, and maybe even business models. I've looked at tents to work under but they all look way to difficult to construct and deconstruct per job, and its something I absolutely have to have since i live in WA where it always rains. What advice do you have for me? thanks for helping? BTW looked through the forum couldn't find anything.