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  1. it really all depends if your new to the game. take the hourly/salary wages. when your better and faster switch to commissions. i have been tinting automotoives/flat glass for about 18 years now. i can usually knock out a four door in under 2 hours. a 2 door under an hour. all free hand. i used to get hourly wages as i got better i wanted more for how fast i can turn cars around. advice to you is ask for what you think your skills and trade is worth. good luck
  2. how much and how long do you keep using your blue max? the best tip is to always check the edge of the blade to make sure it’s still sharp. there was a place that would take the blades and sharpen the edge again. i can’t remember off hand who does them. i only use the blue max on back windshield only. sometimes what i’ll do is before i use my blue max i’ll spray it down on both sides or i’ll run my fingers down the blade to remove any dirt on the blade.
  3. i was taught no matter if the car is new or has a few miles on them. before you install ppf you should always do a paint correction on the areas the ppf will be applied to. after a paint correction i usually use swirl removal compound to give the area a better bond for the ppf to tack. try it and let me know how it goes.
  4. so i had 2 golf in the same week. a lot easier then the older golf. the only issues i ran into was trying to attempt tinting the two front quarter windows. there is no way to get a tool in there to push water and bubbles out. so my question is has anyone try to remove the quarters out to tint them?
  5. i mean i would be nice to get free film and try new stuff. always open for new things.
  6. never heard of this film. guess i’ve been using 3m and llumar since i started and kind of stay loyal to them for 8-10 years.
  7. MUG3N

    2015 charger

    I see the 2017 still has the rear defroster lines as the 2011...thick and always a pain to deal with....just did one and had to send out due to major peanuts in all locations...first to have that many...been using the same trick for the past 6 years and sometimes it works sometime it just have to cure by itself...used stool wool all the time... and it helps to not shirk it so much towards the sides...any other ideas you guys have tried. Much appreciated