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  1. Also, with a huracan. If it was my car, its either 50% all around or 5% all around. That limo tint all around on a luxury vehicle just looks good to me. My personal preference and it is illegal.
    Thanks for the input. With Crystalline, isn't it only 20% and it's not too dark as others?

    Unless I go 20% all the way around with the cystalline but I think it will be too dark?

  2. Hi, I have a crease dent on the edge of my front Audi aluminum hood.  It was pressed too hard when closing causing the crease.  Its where the double metal of the edge on the inside hood. 
    As you can see, it starts about 1" from the edge (from the inside, its where the double metal is bonded) and I have also included the inside of the hood.  
    The top of the hood is PPF film protected (clear bra) .  Is this fixable?   I'm in Southern California and hoping someone with experience can be recommended in S California to do this work. Thanks-

    Hood edge crease.jpg

    hood with PPF.jpg

    inside edge.jpg

  3. I just got my Audi R8 tinted with 3M Crystalline- 40% on the two front doors and 20% on the side quarter windows and the rear window that separates the passengers to the engine bay. 

    Its the small rear window and NOT the large engine bay window. 


    Is it safe to tint this rear window, as my tinter is concerned that it my get too hot due to the engine area.  

  4. New to high end window film.  I recently purchased a new Audi R8 and wanting to tint the windows.  Heard that ceramic tint is where I need to go but I know its very costly. 

    With that said, I have a few shops to go with:

    1. One uses Huper Optik Autobahn series auto tint.  

    2. Other uses Rayno Carbon Ceramic Film. 

    3. The last shop only has the Solar Gard Ultra Performance Film *NOT the PLUS* (which I dont think its fully ceramic?)


    Can you chime in to see what is the best and what I should expect to pay for them? 

    Is the Solar Gard Ultra Performance tint good since its not a ceramic tint?

    Also, whats the difference from the HO Autobahn series tint then from their website? 


    I will want to go Medium on the doors and dark on the quarter panel and back rear window.   

    Looking for heat protection and clarity of the film.  Is there any other recommendation for other tint films I should look at?