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  1. Not express 70%. It's got a nice tan look to it. And offers good heat rejection.
  2. Yes sir it's PiPi 25%. But it's the only line that will meter darker for some reason
  3. They should have the same. I have Pinnacle on the lady's car and Stratos on mine. Can't tell a difference.
  4. Our Pinnacle in 25% will meter 22 on the glass. But AFC 20% will hit at 22 to 23
  5. To have Stratos you have to be a FormulaOne Dealer. Stratos is super thick but heats easy and goes on nice. The performance of the film is super nice too.
  6. It's all noobs that use his film. Pluse they Control the group, so anyone that says anything gets kicked out.
  7. Go with Pinnacle. Its got a nice look to it. Or jump up to Stratos,
  8. Looks good on the outside. But boy is there alot wrong with it
  9. I'll try that next time. Thanks for the info
  10. All my photos look like that. I always use portrait mode and get way back. Focus on the car and snap. It does make the old cars look like hot wheels haha
  11. This was one clean Ford truck. CTX 35 and Air80
  12. Yes sir. That's him , Tim is a good guy that's for sure.
  13. I think we have the same rep in GA. I can't count how many times I've said that to him. I get work from TN all the time because one of the installers can't put a back glass on in one piece. It's sad.
  14. Go Global. I would stay away from snake oil salesmen = Flexfilm Or get Llumar but you really can't go wrong with those two. I would say global is priced better But being with Llumar the name will sale its self.
  15. I see your in ATL. You should be able to get it from Pilkington I know we pay 135 for them. If you can't get it for that price let me know. I'm only like 1 and a half hour from you I think.