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  1. It’s really nice not needing their bullshit! Been open long enough to be able to quote what I want or they can effe off 👍🏼
  2. You do it in 2? My last 944 left in 2....
  3. Ya, back in the day we did them in 3. Such a time consuming process....
  4. Nice! Did you make sure to use ceramic so as not to interfere with the cars reception abilities....
  5. I didn’t get one, he showed up right when I opened. Buuuut he’s coming back next week, I’ll get one then. He wanted a strip and I use limo for my strips..... He called back saying he wants the same % on the strip as the rest of the car..... It’ll be the first 35% strip I’ve ever done
  6. I forgot to get an after pic. I’ll snap one tomorrow.....
  7. The only thing he has to worry about on the road is 18 wheelers.... that thing was a tank
  8. We did a taco set of doors, uh door, and a fuckus ST, out at 12:30. I’m getting lazy on Saturdays in my old age lol