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  1. I would look into either WINCOS or Black Pearl, both are made by MADICO.
  2. I hope I'm wrong but that looks like the film was scratched and they took a black marker to go over it to "hide it"... If you run your finger nail over that line carefully you will feel your finger catch it if it's a scratch.
  3. It definitely will not cure out. That is contamination behind the film that will remain there until you redo it.
  4. A major demon in the trade, the more years you add onto the vehicle the harder the job can be to get a clean install. Especially on an older truck. I found after cleaning the back window to not spray it again with water/solution and just leave it dry, then only spray the film piece and then bring it in that way.
  5. I forgot to mention that he told me he removed it himself. After he told me it "failed so bad I couldn't see". Apparently I was to tell my film manufacturer that "the client is stupid and he didn't know that was a part of the warranty claim", his words not mine.. 😂
  6. I would always do the full windshield and then the sun-strip after. Laying the sun-strip onto the windshield film afterwards is the way to go. It will look the best this way!
  7. So I have been in the tinting industry for a little over 5 years now and I have NEVER come across a situation with a client like this. Figured I had to share with the rest of you for comedic relief. 😄 Long story short I tinted a Nissan Maxima for this client and they decided to do everything, including a sun-strip. So we got everything done in November of 2019 and recently they called to make an appointment to warranty the sun-strip, only the strip nothing else on the car. They show up with the film completely taken off, adhesive included with the warranty paperwork in hand. Asking them where is the film they tell me "It failed so bad I couldn't see out of it so it was a driving hazard."... Once I explained to him that he just voided his warranty by doing that, he couldn't understand how or why.. Why a consumer would assume they can get film warrantied without us seeing the defect is beyond me. Mind you the rest of the car was in perfect shape with no defects, film was all used on the same roll.
  8. When tinting those vehicles make sure to price them high! They aren't worth the potential headache but if they go for the price, at least it was worth the time and effort.
  9. I never wipe down anything on the outside paint to avoid scratching or bringing an already flaw to the customers eyes. You'd be surprised how many vehicles I have found flaws in prior to pulling them into our bay and then after tinting them the customer points them out acting like they weren't there.. Always do a walk around and don't be afraid to point out what seems to be the obvious, nowadays common sense is gone!
  10. The NX 300 is the only one with that coating to my knowledge. We do a ton of Lexus' and that model is the only one we have come across so far.
  11. I have done one a few weeks ago and it was pretty easy! The windshield is going to be normal, not like the Model X so no worries there. Roof glass is large but if you have rolls for the Model 3 you'll be fine!
  12. Definitely going to have to remove the film and redo it. Like Dynamic said, you can take a heat gun and work some of that out but it wont take care of all of it. Better off starting new!
  13. I went to it and it was very corporate, not many tinters more so business partners and such of Madico. They created a new warehouse and moved from their old location to the new one.
  14. We have been using Madico's film since the 80's and Wincos definitely has a blue hue to it. If it is green/black you're definitely not getting Wincos film..
  15. Like DynamicATL said, you will never get the same match on tint as your factory. That's the major problem for consumers when wanting to match the rear portion, it never looks 100% like the factory tinted glass does.
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