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  1. Link is not working!! Thank You!!
  2. San Diego; North County, Shop is looking for full time experienced window film installer for cars. Must take pride of his job in order to maintain our 5 star reputation. We offer a very competitive salary based on experience. The ideal candidate will have to Be detail oriented, good work ethic and a positive attitude.. Call 760-877-8654 Thank you....
  3. Great Information this is exactly why I signed in.. I recently opened a tint shop and want to get accounts with dealerships and don't know how it works as I am new in the industry. This is great insight; however I still have a question, I do realize that this post is from 2010. However, I hope someone can answer my question about pricing, my place is in southern California in north county. What should I charge them, I am assuming a tier pricing would be ideal at least for me? Is this correct?