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  1. probably the alchool mix was to aggressive and damage the glue , or the film was too stretch in that area... i am just guessing
  2. wonder if you like to share your dealership fill up form , like a work order form. something like the dealer has to fill up and sign , related with the install....
  3. I got 2-3 rolls since covid , but no issues here.... i do use steamer for edges and tac , instead of alcool mix
  4. i been isolated for 2 weeks when they shut everything around the country , and the last 3 months been working full time in ppf install and auto detail. me and my crew wear mask , access to gloves and sanitizer. i also take their temp in the morning and mandatory sanitize hands between cars. crazy times for sure.
  5. a bit of steady hand trim and probond would fix it.
  6. pressure on demand wagner , about 100-120$ , has an option with a flat plate that works when you remove film. for ppf removal i also use boiling water from an electric water kettle, usually 2 people process.
  7. you roll the film and you hold the roll with one hand , than back roll after you bond 1-2in on the upper fender by the windshield, ideal is to bond on same side by the headlight. of course the hood needs to be wet, sprayed with soapy solution.
  8. kind of silvering , looks like premature adhesion , from pressing or stretching did you try to increase the soap concentration?
  9. light heat with heat gun to get the glue sticky again...., just press from the area that`s closed already, treat it as wrap edge
  10. not an expert , but i do not see no wrinkles or tension in that opening. trim it where is bound and be done with it. if you try to clean it and close, you will still get an visible dirt line trapped there. another option is clean , open slightly more once dry , than bound with adhesive promoter and force close, trim the excess
  11. the pic you posted is the older light and the flat card works , not the NEW models. upper lights has a mesh under the lens. did you try the flat card with new models? headlight is fully integrated in the fender, and the fender is wider, will need more stretch to wrap the fender.
  12. just a heads up , the new porsche headlights are removable. the car has a switch where you can lift the front about 2more inches for access. the inner liner needs to be removed (11 screws- 4 at the bottom , 7 in the wheel area ) , or dropped to have access for the 2 bolts that holds the headlight. no bumper removal needed. after all the bolts area removed , you will need help when pulling the headlight, one person push from inside and second holds it in the front. also masking tape should be used around the headlight before removal. the inside front bottom of the headlight has a pin that slides into a small track. (in pic marked with red)
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