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  1. well for some reason (know that you guys say it, its more than obvious its cause of cheap material) the majority of the of the shops here use suntek films. They all charge a base price of $350 for the CXP (some even charging that for only the rear windows, rip off) and $450 for the CIR. Can't afford to get 3M or Llumar since those cost around $600~700.
  2. Just found out about this forum. I was looking to get my car tinted and most shops in my area use suntek for some reason. I got quotes averaging $300 for the CXP and $200 more for the CIR. My question is, is the CIR worth the extra $200? Thank you
  3. Do you all recommend part timing for this? I work as an aircraft mechanic full time but get off at 1pm so after that it gets pretty boring sometimes. Also soon i'll be changing to a 4on 3 off schedule. What are the costs and the income ratios?