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  1. ATC I have gotten used to it now so its not as bad and it might have justy been a bad roll
  2. I went to a new dealership and that’s what they use. I had to reprint out like every window my first day because it kept fruit roll upping on me. I think because it’s thinner then it doesn’t keep its shape as well and it’s rolled onto the core opposite. I definitely think the curl makes it more difficult than easier but maybe I’ll get used to it
  3. I just recently switched to Llumar tint and am having trouble with the film curling or rolling in on itself. As soon as I pull the liner off, the film wants to curl up. Anyone had this issue? I’m coming from xpel film and never had this issue
  4. What would be the point of using a separate cleaning solution? Seems like you would just need to carry around two bottles now.
  5. What film are you using? We use Xpel PPF surface prep on the bottom corners or trouble spots.
  6. As soon as you spray slip it will pull the dust out so blow out the crevices with an air compressor and then do a final wipe down before you install.
  7. Thanks all, I will continue to keep shrinking.
  8. Is it necessary to shrink sunroofs?
  9. Do you leave the heat on defroster with the trashbag on or just the normal air vents?
  10. Its probably mot worth it incase you get water into the electronics but you can try just spraying the film and not the actual pieces your going to install on.
  11. Thanks, glad its not just me
  12. Ive done two of these and both times the patterns suck (I tried suntek and xpel patterns). Am I just installing wrong or are the patterns bad? I had to trim the round part on the top corner about 1/8 inch so it wouldn't hang over.
  13. 2 screws behind the handle and pop the top