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  1. Doors - These doors were pretty freaking hard. I didn't pull the panels (to scared to try haha). The front doors have a lot of space it has to get the film into on the sides and it's hard to get it there. back doors weren't too bad. BG - pretty easy to shrink and install. Overall Difficulty: 4/5 because those front doors are hell.
  2. Doors - Decent. Pretty much like any standard coupe. The gaskets were a little tight, but nothing crazy. Make sure to snap or heat shrink of course. BG - super easy! it's the little one inside the cab. no need to snap or heat shrink. Overall Difficulty: 2/5
  3. Hey all, Im starting this topic in order to learn more about flat glass! I personally have a knowledge of application, but I would love to know more about the following: - Tools of choice? - What films can be applied to what type of glass? - What glass should you NOT apply film? - Whats your techniques of choice? - Tips and advice? I live in Florida if that makes any difference to answers. If there's websites or another place on this site that I can find these answers, please direct me! I'm looking to do as much research as possible.
  4. isaiahdrums

    2020+ Soul

    Windows - Super easy. Just like previous models. Take out the sweeps to make it easier on yourself. Pull back gently. I don't ever shrink these side windows. BG - Again. Super easy! Windshield - Pretty easy. Nothing concerning to me personally. Overall Difficulty: 1/5
  5. Windows - Easily pull out sweeps, just take out the screw on outside of panel towards you. - no need to snap/heat shrink whatsoever! Super easy BG - piece of cake! - i didnt pull the rear deck, i just took my olfa and cut the rubber pieces that stuck to the bg. It was still a little rough to get behind there with a bulldozer, but came out clean! Overall Difficulty: 1/5! one of the easiest cars i've done.
  6. isaiahdrums

    09-14 CUBE

    WINDOWS - super easy, panel pulls back - be careful of front windows. carefully slide the tint behind the door on the top left corner. BG - Super easy, i heat shrank after i installed. Difficulty 1 out of 5
  7. isaiahdrums

    2017 CRV

    Tinted windshield just now and the windshield wipers are going NUTS! I called a honda dealership and they said they wouldn't recommend the windshield being tinted. But we'll see how it dries.......
  8. isaiahdrums

    08-14 X6

    2011 X6 Windows - I didnt take sweeps out - if the back has the privacy glass, putting 30 on top will make it literally 15% - pretty easy, make sure you snap them. Fingers still kinda pop up here and there. BG - easy, but you'll need a step stool if you're short like me hahah. DIFFICULTY 1.5/5
  9. isaiahdrums

    07-12 ES 350

    07 Windows - easy for the backs, a tad difficult for the fronts for the small "corner" of the window. Definitely snap the windows. Sweeps - not the easiest to take out but i only took out the front. BG - piece of cake Difficulty: 2/5
  10. 2010 Side Windows Super easy. I didn't bother taking the sweeps out and no need to snap them! Back Glass A tad difficult on the corners. Difficulty out of 5 = 2/5
  11. 18 tundra Sweeps -Theyre attached to the door panel. i pulled them back on the fronts but not the back Windows -Super easy including back window. didnt snap or heat shrink anything. Difficulty: 1/5
  12. 2015 Windows - sweeps pull out easy and fairly easy to put back in. - the windows are super easy, no need to snap Back Glass - super easy! Difficulty: 1/5
  13. 2015 Sweeps - You'll have to take the panels off. I didnt even bother with doing that. Windows - Their pretty fair. Just squeegee out the top pretty good then roll up the window and do the rest. Back Glass - super easy! DIFFICULTY: 3/5
  14. 2018 Avalon Sweeps - front doors are attached to sweeps, but come out easily - back doors arent attached but have clips! Windows -Super easy to tint Back Glass - super easy!
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