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  1. Why didn't you have to remove the gaskets?
  2. tinttexas

    640i 2015

    Thanks for the pointers I greatly appreciate it!!!
  3. tinttexas

    640i 2015

    Anyone done one? Any pointers?? Have one scheduled this week.
  4. Have a customer wanting the windshield tinted. Anyone done one of these windshields?
  5. Alright alright alright! Gonna be a lot of money if they decide to do it!!
  6. Here is the RV I'm needing to quote in ceramic. Oh and the film will be solar FX 70%! https://www.crestviewrv.com/rv-search?s=true&stocknumber=23131
  7. What would you guys recommend charging for a camper in ceramic film? Have a customer with a new 42' 5th wheel wanting ceramic on the whole thing.
  8. Heres the best pics I have of that back window and another one i did today!
  9. Really nice car!! I enjoyed tinting it!! Full Solar Fx Ceramic! 35 front 5 rear 35 sunroof and an eyebrow!
  10. I own my own building and i'm actually about to build a larger shop in the same property. It's on the same 6 acres I live on. No transit plates. Customer drops car off and I only drive it in and out of the shop never on the road. My property has a gate opener and is fully fenced so when cars are left here they are basically in a compound with cameras.
  11. Pretty easy car to do! Back glass is a piece of cake! Windshield a bit tight not much room between shield and dash. Was very careful with how much water I used. Laid a huge microfiber in dash to prevent leather from getting wet.
  12. tinttexas

    1972 Blazer

    And advice on trimming the seals on the back to hide the light gap?
  13. Who has insurance and how much does it cost and how much coverage? Just accidentally burned a customer's headliner on a brand new challenger on accident with the edge of my heat gun and having to pay to replace it. It's a few hundred bucks to replace. Just glad it didn't happen on a much nicer car that would cost a lot more to replace. This taught me I definitely need insurance for mishaps like this.
  14. Have one booked for monday. Never done one.Read some about the dot matrix. Also read about the dash potentially getting ruined when doing windshield tint. Any comments or advice about these areas?