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  1. I am picking up a 72 x 48 piece of glass and am wanting tips on mounting to my garage wall. Walls aren’t finished... mounting directly onto 2x4’s. The glass shop said I should glue it... but that seems sketchy to me. Thoughts?
  2. I thought that was the case since they offered an 1/8” inch edge as well 😂😂
  3. Anyone ever use one of these? Thought it may be a gimmick since I’ve never seen one on YouTube or anything
  4. @smartie2shoes yooooo! I just wanted to tell you while I was out practicing tonight using your angle advice... I cut my wife’s driver window out with virtually no issues. Then did it again, and again with improvement each time. Night and day difference! Thanks
  5. @drtint I am in Indianapolis. And I’m using a Red Dot olfa knife.
  6. Thanks smartie! I appreciate the pics and advice!
  7. What’s a decent plotter go for these days?
  8. I’ll give it that a go... but I’m not 100% ready to give up on hand cutting! Lol
  9. That was what I was going to try next... I just watch so many people do with ease I feel like there is something I’m missing. Appreciate the tip
  10. Just starting out Tinting... well, just getting back into it actually. I tinted 15 years ago for a year, but that shop had a plotter so I never learned the old fashion way. Have a full time job and am working at a shop on my days off, along with practicing in my garage every night. I can not get hand cutting down to save my life! I am constantly catching the rubber along the bottom cut, and struggle to stay straight on the side cuts. I am putting just 1 click of blade out on my red dot... but just can’t get it. The only cut I’m not struggling with is the top cut. New to the forum, and looked for this topic, and couldn’t find any. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  11. Justint81

    2009 Impala

    How do you get that defrost button off the top near the dot matrix?