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  1. Bummer :/ I wish the eyesight would be enclosed to the windows so this way it would have been nice to tint it around it. But safety first, I guess I will need to start wearing sunglasses with contacts.
  2. Have any of you installed the Stratus 70 on a Subaru equipped with eyesight? I want to have my windshield tinted...
  3. Do these savages live in their damn cars? Even homeless people are cleaner than some of these cars!
  4. Sounds like they worked something out for OP. I’m glad that worked out.
  5. Honestly I’d leave a terrible review on yelp unless they fix everything 100%! for the amount of money you spent you deserve better!
  6. I’ve seen people pay $3500 here for just a full front hood wrap. Thats a pretty decent price, but dirt imo is unacceptable, especially black stuff and stretch marks.
  7. For how much clear bra cost to install might need to install it at nasa in a dust free chamber, I’m kidding. I’ll leave it be, can’t really see it when the car it Unless the car is clean and you are up close. Once you see something your eyes always turn towards it, my best bet is to forget about it lol. But yeah, the install came out pretty good, all edges wrapped including the back edge, the film cured well.
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply, the installer told me he could try to use steam to bring up the edge since its not too far from the edge of the car. But doing so it may damage the film and he may have to redo the whole thing. Other than the very small lint, the rest of the car surface is flawless, and I totally understand lint can get in there unless you are working in one of those car paint rooms where everything is white and there is 0 dust. Also thank you for telling me that if he were to lift it that it would leave a lift line. I just wish I would have caught it the same day it was done, but the last 3-4 weeks I didn't see it until today. we had had some bad weather and not much sun, over the last week now the sun shines I can see it. But yeah, I've inspected the rest of the film and everything seems to be fine. I was going to ask him if I could just poke it with a needle and get it out, he said do not do that because it would compromise the film and it would make things worse since its on the hood. He did tell me he will look into it next week and see what can be done, but I would hate to have him redo the hood a 3rd time for something minuscule. I have OCD, so it kinda drives me nuts when the car is clean and that little white particle shows up...
  9. I see, it’s been 5 weeks, so wouldn’t it be a bad idea to pull it apart on the side to clean it up? the clear bra has been edge wrapped and sealed under the hood.
  10. Hi there I had xpel installed and noticed there is a small lint under it, it’s been about 5 weeks after install. The rest of the hood is flawless, this was a Full hood clear bra. Only problem is there is a small lint, very tiny and it’s white so it sticks out a bit on a darker car. My installer told me at this point if he tries to poke any holes it would compromise the clear bra. Is that correct? My main concern is, will overtime this piece of lint cause any damage to the paint under? the hood has been redone before because there was a bigger hair, so I don’t want to cause any hassle to have it redone.