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  1. I used some on a 13 malibu. I thought it was nice and liked it until I got to the rear window. I had a hard time shrinking it without creasing it. I normally use global qdp and never have problems shrinking. I redid the window with global and had 0 problems. Maybe Avery isn't for me but that's my experience with it.
  2. I appreciate the feedback, I'll respect that even though I was looking forward to using their products. I'll keep looking for something else. I don't tint full time, I've been doing it on the side for years so I believe that limits me to using some brands if I'm not mistaken. Anyone have any recommendations who I can use other than global or Express without being a full time business yet?
  3. I recently got a sample roll of solarfx carbon to try out. The rep I got the sample from called me a week later to ask what I thought to which I told him I liked it. He asked what films I'm currently using and one of them is global qdp. He then told me since I got the global film from someone other than dragon distributing that he could not sell me solarfx film because they do not compete with other companies that sell global. Does this seem right? I understand if he couldn't sell me global film but why not solarfx? So I said basically I just cannot use solarfx film and he said yes that's correct.