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  1. I think there's something wrong with the film or this type of film doesn't stretch/shrink properly. I tried again and just couldn't get it to work and so as an experiment, I cut up the film into 6 pieces and tried to shrink a rectangle the size of about 15" x 12" around the curved end of the glass.. No matter what I did, it would not shrink or stretch. Tried it wet and dry. I always thought even with relatively flat windows, the fingers were not shrinking properly like I see on some of the youtube videos. The fingers on my film won't iron out very well. Even on flat surfaces. I think I'm going to have to try another film. If you look at this video where I timestamped it.. My film does not shrink like this where he can work it up like that. The film feels very rigid. If you continue to heat it, the adhesive gets dried off and the film gets useless. I bought mine at tintcenter thinking solargard was a good brand but I might have to try something else. If anyone has any brand recommendations for something similar to how Solargard Supreme looks, I'm all ears. I already did the 2 front windows so would like it to be reasonably close visually.
  2. Yeah no worries. Solargard is the only film Ive tried but it seems from the youtube videos I've inspected.. my film doesn't move as quite well. It doesn't shrink or stretch at all. It's very thick and sturdy. I tried to stretch some old film with my hands just pulling on it and it really has no give. I'll try a different film. Even when I put it on the window before I squeegee it, it has a lot more fingers than some of the videos I've seen and I think it's the film
  3. Ah.. I'm still learning and trying to tint the back window of a 94 Camaro. Not only it is curved like a Corvette (think shape of the letter n) but it is also curved slightly concave near the bottom. I saw a video of a guy doing it outside and no shrinking and idk if it's some black magic type of stretch film he's using but it seems near impossible. I'm using solar Gard nr supreme and maybe it's the film but I don't know. I squeegeed from the middle but as I start to get towards the really long curve on the bottom, the tint is too tight that it starts to flare up. Thoughts? Personal car so Im open to 2 or even 3 piece strategies to get it done
  4. Yep, looks like blisters lol So thats normal even if there's a lot of them?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to try filtered water and I made the mistake of spraying the inside of the window long before the adhesive comes off and then respraying it. I can see how it could trap dust in there. So going to clean it much better. The one thing I noticed was when looking from the outside in, there are hundreds of pea sized water drops. They're not bubbles but they certainly look like it but if you go to the inside you can see they are water drops. How do I minimize these water droplets? Or do you just have to wait for them to dry?
  6. Thanks, I guess I have to try to stop exposure to dust a bit more proactively
  7. Not clumps just scattered randomly throughout the window
  8. Still learning how to tint and one of the problems I'm having is that I'm getting tiny little dot bubbles once the tint is installed. Not the big 1"+ diameter bubbles you see when you think tint bubbles. I think the dot bubbles are known as "trash bubbles", it looks like dust basically. Kind of like when when you install a screen protector with dust trapped in it. I scraped down the window with a razor blade with soap and water and I'm very careful not to touch the tint on any panels and only peel back 1/2 or less of the adhesive to avoid contamination. And I try to move fairly quickly as to not let dust get in the window. Is it because I'm not cleaning the window enough? If there are little dust bubbles like this, are they going to get worse or would they just stay that way like a phone screen protector with dust with? It doesn't look noticeable only when you look close but obviously I want to learn to do it better.
  9. Thanks! Luckily I have a 2nd windshield so I can actually use that as a template I realized
  10. Awesome thanks for the tip. So what you're saying is, don't try to cut out a slim rectangle and try to get the defroster line through it but just cut around it and fill the tiny sliver near the edge later? The truck already has privacy glass so it won't be a big deal (at least from the outside you can't tell). I'll take a look at how hard it would be to remove the shock mount and maybe trying to measure or cut out a template for the holes before peeling the tint? Either way, thanks for the help!
  11. How would you cut around the defroster line thing and the circle in this rear windshield situation?
  12. Does anyone know if this "nano ceramic" is similar to this privacy glass? I saw this on yelp it says "Matches factory glass" If so, where can I buy professional grade tint film so I can see if it matches?
  13. Hey sorry I missed this comment. Wow this is perfect. So to clarify, you put limo (3%?) in addition to the privacy glass in all the rear windows? Wouldn't that be insanely difficult to see out of even during the day? DynamicATL above wrote 50% + privacy glass would get you to about 12% I think. Does your rear hatch also have privacy glass? That part looks black. EDIT: Actually might be the angle. The 2nd picture looks privacy/mirror finish.
  14. Ideally I wish I didn't have the mirrors because they're not dark enough. In anything other than direct sunlight, you can see right through them, so I want a little more privacy. I'll look into llumar, thanks!