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  1. I agree they wouldn't sign my own draft nor would I expect them to. I do understand the competitive of the business and threat of losing business, a territory, etc. It's the nature of the beast. That said I was just curious if anyone had suggestions for a formal written proposal. I have never really done this for a territory. When I got my first one it was done via a few meetings. That said I do appreciate you responding! Thanks!
  2. Not sure exactly what you mean but take you have not had good experience's with THEIR "contract". We already have a territory and signed contact for 6 years and have not any issue's at all!
  3. Hello All, I am looking to branch out and expand my business and need to put together a short proposal to the supplier. Does anyone have a template, suggestions or advice on how to do so? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks all! I found the IWFA document you were referring to and used it for our walk through. I believe it is for interior install examinations. Was thinking there would be one for exterior install's that was more lenient as exterior installations are much more difficult. FYI. The walk through went great and we got sign off! Once again thank you all. I love this site!
  5. Hello All, We had just completed a large exterior installation and the gentleman that we needed to sign off on our work had no or minimal experience with film. On his first walk through he stopped looking at more windows and sent out an email saying the windows were awful and there was no need to check others. I searched all over and could not find anything regarding exterior installation standards and only found one for interior. We called a meeting, explained how tint works and cures and also used the interior standards information sheet that provides details on how far away someone needs to stand, what is acceptable deficiencies etc when inspecting an install. We did end up getting sign off but I am thinking there has to be some set of guidelines for exterior as they are much more difficult to do. If any one has anything, I'd love to hear from you. Have a great weekend.