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  1. Wow! Yeah I’m definitely being underpaid big time. I still haven’t accepted the job so I still have some negotiating power. how many years of experience do you have?
  2. I will be employed by the dealership and will be paid as one of their employees. Idk what you mean by cherry picking/pre loading but I will be tinting and applying paint protection to every new vehicle on the lot. They will be providing all the tools, plotter, and film. I appreciate the help because I have no idea what a solid commission is
  3. I will be accepting a job at my local dealership to work in their tint shop( i am in the southeastern USA). I have almost a year of tinting experience so im not brand new to it, but what should i ask to be paid for doing a full sedan( honda accord, honda civic, etc.) and for a 2 door vehicle (SUV). I will also be applying paint protection(which i know how to do) on the door edges and door cups of every vehicle I tint. I will be going to speak with the manager and negotiating my commission next week and I have no idea how much to ask for because of the paint protection ill be applying after the tint. Most dealers in the area pay $45/ 4 window car (full sedan including back glass) and $25/2 door vehicle, but this rate of pay is only for tinting the windows not applying paint protection so I need help with a solid number to ask for.
  4. I always fold it in 4 parts if I’m trying to get contamination lmao I had a lady from 3M tell me this exact advice though
  5. The worse customer is a rich guy with an expedition and in the past month he has been in the shop 5 times to get a window or windshield redone because it has literally one piece of contamination that you can see unless your 6” from the glass. We redid his windshield yesterday so I expect him to be back next week with some BS he found in the tint. The customers that think their tint will be 100%(95%-99% is the goal at our shop) perfect after we install it is the most frustrating part of tinting
  6. Before you opened your shop, how much did you save up?
  7. 20k! I’m 26 I don’t have that kind of money lol. I was hoping I could open a small little shop for around 5k, is that a realistic number if I get a small shop and can find a second hand plotter instead of buying a new one?
  8. Hardest I would say is a 1980s Pontiac firebird back glass, haven’t encountered any hard side windows
  9. I have currently been tinting for almost a year. I am currently working at the best tint shop in my city(5 tint shops in my city). I want to open up my own shop in a year or 2 once I feel that I can tint any vehicle that comes into the shop, I dont want to start a shop before I feel that I know everything there is to know about tinting so I plan to stay at my shop until I open my own. What I would like to know is how much I should save so I can open up my shop with no debt, have all the tools and supplies I need, and of course a plotter. I don’t need a huge building just big enough to pull at least one car into the shop. So anyone who has opened a shop I would greatly appreciate any advice given to a future tint shop owner.