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  1. I have a medical waiver in FL, so can go with either one on my Audi A7. Any thoughts or suggestions? The 70 is blueish which is similar to AB80, and goes with my blue car, but the gray 50 would provide more heat rejection.... Although I have the waiver letter, I don't want to get pulled over all the time to show it. Going with Stratos 15 all around with either 50 or 70 on windshield; thanks for suggestions!
  2. @blackoutauto have you had any negative feedback on those with the Stratos 70 on the windshield? I am waiting to get install as nano clear coat is curing, so have a month to decide; I am leaning towards the 70, but want to make sure people are not experiencing any significant low angle haze (I have not read of any low angle issues with the AB80). Thanks!
  3. Thanks again! Have you had any negative feedback in low angle haze putting the Stratus 70 on a windshield like an Audi A7?
  4. Thanks @blackoutauto that was exactly what I needed! IR resistance on 70 meters way better, and it looks great all around on G70. Would you be worried about the low angle haze on an A7 mentioned above, or would both products be similar in that regard? What would be your price difference for windshield only on 70 vs AB80?
  5. Has anyone used F1 Stratos 70 for a windshield, and if so, how does it compare to AB80? The specs are all better, especially the IR reduction, but wondering if there are any optic issues, Day or night? I have a windshield medical waiver so can do either one; am thinking of doing Stratos 15 all the way around Audi A7, w Stratos 70 on windshield. Thoughts?