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  1. I've been given use of a rental car for a while and I need tinted windows. Are there any good solutions without applying regular hard to remove tint? Thanks
  2. Hairy potter/bubble city.....but hey....I'm not picky lol
  3. And on that happy ass note....I'm going outside to apply my new tint. WITHOUT WINDEX lol To the Lynch mob...
  4. That would make sense. I guess i didn't realize that but it's become painfully clear. Even the PROs started somewhere. Hopefully when the jackwads that lynched my question have questions about new products or techniques, someone will return the kindness and tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine and do their best to make them feel bad about asking. Karma
  5. Last time..... I INITIALLY SEARCHED AND GOT NOTHING. Now, after examining the search tool AT THIS FORUM, I see there are options I didn't see at first.....I'm perfect, never make mistakes, so shoot me why don't you
  6. Why do people's panties get all wadded up if someone asks a question even if it's been asked before? At some forums they encourage asking because things change over time. At other forums, God forbid you ask something that's been answered before.....it sends the simpletons into wild hysteria. Asking is human nature. So maybe I could have spent more time researching.....screw that. I did about 10 minutes searching before I asked and I felt that was enough of my time spent searching and if someone helpful cared to assist then I would get a more precise answer AND end the searching. Thank GOD for people who don't mind helping someone along their journey.
  7. Well, I went to the General Discussion and entered WINDEX there. And got nothing. NOW there is a good bit there thanks to this thread
  8. No No NO!!! You typed in REMOVING TINT. That's NOT what I was looking for. I was APPLYING TINT. How the hell was I supposed to know to search REMOVING TINT when I was APPLYING TINT ??? PLEASE!!! At the time I first searched I got ZERO results What did you type into the search?
  9. THANK YOU !!!! I knew there was a least one or two tolerant, knowledgeable tint pros at this forum You made it look easy.....like a BOSS
  10. WHAT??? Are not reading the posts above? I DID search. Another member already confirmed it DID NOT SHOW UP IN THE FORUM SEARCH. Instead of all that bullshit and gymnastics...why not just answer the question?
  11. Nope.....I did a search on THIS forum and you agreed nothing came up in the search. I Googled what came to mind...WINDEX + WINDOW TINTING and waded through a dozen or so places but none specifically said it was bad or not enough to confirm. What you're saying isn't clearly spelled out in the information I found. Rather than spend three days searching....I just asked. Shoot me. SO...I asked the question on the forum.. And got a Cyber Lynching over it..... NOW that I've asked, the next noob will find it if they search...after seeing how many twits are on the forum first. LMAO. See how nice that is?
  12. Sorry, I see no such "Red Flags" you mentioned But thanks for an answer to the question.....finally. GEEZUZ!!! Getting a simple answer around here is worse than pulling teeth.
  13. Thank you. So then asking seems to be the way to find out wouldn't you agree?
  14. Folks, Being silly and giving quippy answers and all is fine and in fun. But when you get serious and chastise a newcomer over asking questions...suggesting they are asking childish questions, and suggesting they should do a search first, when you haven't even checked to see what comes up in the search tool first......well, that's out of line in my opinion. That becomes a personal attack that wasn't deserved.
  15. First, tell me...is Atlanta GA in North or South America? Makes no sense to answer unless you know this